How to Say Goodbye in Indonesian Language

If there is a meeting, there will be a separation. It is a common condition for every single person in this world. Sometimes it is hard to say good bye because it is also express our sadness, that maybe we cannot meet again. How to Say Goodbye in Indonesian Language For any formal condition or […]

I Miss You in Indonesian Language – Meaning – Phrases

When you have to go somewhere or you have to stay at other places and separate with your love one, sometimes we feel a certain feeling. We will miss our spouse, children, parents, friends and also our neighborhood sometime. As a person who have to travel because of working obligation, being feeling missing is a […]

12 Important Benefits of Studying Indonesian for Foreign

Indonesia is one of unique nation in the world. Besides as an archipelago country, it also consist of multi ethnics. Even so there are many ethnics and local languages,  there is a national language, it is called Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is originated from Malay languange with many transformation and adaption, so there are some […]

Why is Bahasa Indonesia so Popular in Australia? Here’s 10 Facts!

Australia is one of Commonwealth countries that located in Pacific Continent, quite far away from United Kingdom. It also inhabited by people from around the world besides British. There are some people are coming from Far East, South Asia, and some others come from other Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. (Also read: Reasons […]

10 Reasons Why Is It Important for Australians to Learn Indonesian

Bahasa Indonesia is the second language in Australia, that it becomes the main subject in most schools for students. Thus, you might be wondering why is it important for Australians to learn Indonesian language. Here’s the explanations. 1.  Neighborhood  Indonesian language is one of language that learned by Australian students at school. Indonesia is Australia’s largest […]

11 Indonesian Lesson Plan for Primary School Students

Indonesian National Curriculum are composed to help students to pass national final exam. The curriculum applied is “Kurikulum 2013” which contains topics and methods how teacher delivers the lesson. By using this curriculum, students are supported to have active learning. Indonesian Lesson Plan for Primary School Students If you start to prepare for class in […]

30 Indonesian Activities for Students (Teacher’s Lesson Plans)

Indonesian students have many activities at school, all of the lesson are composed to support them being successful in national examination at the end of school year. Below are activities for students can be prepared based on school level: Indonesian Activities for Students in Kindergarten/ Early Childhood When they are on kindegarten, teachers discuss basic […]

Indonesian Phonetic Transcription – Formula – Examples

Indonesian language originated coming from Malay languange. Even though the most population of Indonesian people are coming from Java, but Malay language choosen as the language of the nation. It is because Malay language was used in trading activities long time  ago that connected Java and Sumatra Island. Sometimes it is called as Malay pasar […]

Indonesian Object Focus Sentences – Formula – Examples

In Indonesian language, it is quite simple to arrange a sentence. The formula to make a sentence is Subject + Verb + Object, and we just need to add prefix before verb to explain how is the sentence being understood. There are two prefix in Indonesian language, there are me- and di-. For the two […]

Simple Indonesian Sentences – Dictionary – Examples

Indonesian are known for their hospitality. Besides the beauty of its nature, Indonesian also kind and friendly. If you are planning to visit this country, you don’t have to worry about being lost. Some of Indonesian can speak English while the others’ familiar with simple English but maybe cannot answer the questions in English. So […]