How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian

If we meet with others, there are a greeting and farewell. Therefore, we must be carefully to differentiate. Both have their own meaning and purpose. As commonly known, language contexts are the formal and informal context. The formal one is for formal conversation and situation also the informal is for daily life. when we want to say hello and goodbye for formal conversation, let’s check it out.

 Indonesian Formal Language

This usually is used for the formal conversation such as in the office, in the school, in the meeting, in the formal events, etc. the formal conversation sounds very elegant language. if we want to say hello and goodbye in formal language. Those are:

How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian:

  • hello, selamat pagi (Hello, good morning)
  • hello, maukah kamu untuk …..( hello, would you like to …..)
  • hello, bagaimana kabarmu? (hello, how do you do?)
  • hello, apa kabar? (hello, how are you?)
  • hello, anda sedang aktivitas apa? (hello, what are you doing?)
  • hello,….. after the word of “hello”, it must be followed by sentences or phrases in terms of asking question, and greeting.

Meanwhile, goodbye for formal language in Indonesia are:

  • terima kasih telah membantuku, dan sampai jumpa (thank you for helping me and see you)
  • senang berjumpa denganmu, sampai jumpa (nice to meet you, goodbye)
  • saya senang berdiskusi dengan anda, terima kasih dan sampai jumpa (I am happy for the discussion with you, thank you)
  • sekian pidato saya, sampai jumpa (that’s it my speech, good bye)
  • sekian dan sampai jumpa (that’s it and goodbye)

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 Indonesian Informal Language

In daily activity, we interact with each others. Sometimes, we use the informal language. The language which is confirmed that it doesn’t need to be straight forward, it may be inserted some joke within, some abbreviation, short sentences or phrase. This only happens whether we talk to friends.

How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian, if we say hello, we can use as the following ways:

  • Hai, trims ya. (hello, thank you)
  • Hai, gi pa ni? (hello, what are you doing)
  • Hello, bro (hello, brother)
  • Hello, sis (hello, sister)
  • Hello, maaf tlat (hello, sorry I come late)
  • And so on.
  • Meanwhile for saying goodbye, it can be in the informal language. as its using, it is put at the end of sentences or phrase. 

Those are as follows:

  • Terima kasih, bye (thank you, goodbye)
  • Hai bro, thanks, bye (hello brother, thank you, goodbye)
  • sampe jumpa, bye (goodbye)
  • Sometime, in slang teenagers conversation, commonly it is called as alay conversation, it can be
  • mikisih ya, bai (thank you, goodbye)
  • bai bai sis (goodbye, sister)
  • hujin dtag, bye (rainy comes, goodbye)

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Those are the example of how to say hello and goodbye in Indonesia language both in the formal and in the informal language.