How to Say Take Away in Indonesia Language – Meaning

if we want to buy some food or beverages, we may eat at that place directly after they are ready. However, we can bring it to home to eat and drink the orders. If can be said in the formal and informal Indonesia language. “Take Away = Bungkus” Formal Language Saya ingin membawa pulang makanan […]

How to Say “Have A Good Time” in Indonesia Language

Indonesia has its own culture including in language. they have their own ethics and manners to say. It is differentiated in two ways, namely formal and informal. Formal language is usually is spoken up when in formal situation such as in school, in office, in meeting, etc. on the other side, informal language is applied […]

How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

How to Say Hello and Goodbye in Indonesian If we meet with others, there are a greeting and farewell. Therefore, we must be carefully to differentiate. Both have their own meaning and purpose. As commonly known, language contexts are the formal and informal context. The formal one is for formal conversation and situation also the […]

How to Say Get well soon in Indonesia Language – Sentence Examples

In everyday life, we may face the situation when our friends or our family get sick. In Indonesia culture, we can visit them with bringing some fruits or breads. Both are as a symbol of close relationship either as family or close friend. How to Say Get well soon in Indonesia Language Semoga cepat sembuh  […]

How to Say “What are you doing” in Indonesia Language

People live in daily life, they always interact each other. The interactions can be in many forms such as asking what he/she is doing. This usually is to know the certain condition due to his/her activity. By asking the certain condition due to what she/he does do, it probably is caused by missing, loving, caring, […]

The Causes of Difficulty in Learning Indonesia Language for Foreign Learners

Indonesian language learned at school or other courses. All the materials which are taught to maximize the ability to read, write, hear and speak Indonesian is sufficient to be taught in schools and in Indonesian language courses. But sometimes, those are not too comprehensive for Indonesian language learners, especially foreigners who learn Indonesian. Some causes […]