How to Say Menu in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

In this article, we will discuss mainly about how to say menu in Indonesian and several related things. There are many conversation in restaurant in this article that you can learn and try it yourselves.

How to Say Menu in Indonesian

When you enter a restaurant, the first thing you will search after getting a table is usually the menu list. Several restaurants already prepared the menu on the table before customers come. However sometimes they don’t do that so you have to ask for the menu list to the waitress.

Here, you will learn about how to ask for the menu in an Indonesian restaurant.

Here are several sentences that you can use:

  • Permisi, boleh saya lihat menunya?

Can I see the menu, please?

  • Permisi, tolong ambilkan menunya ya.

Excuse me, please help me to get the menu.

Asking About the Menu

After getting the menu, you may want to look at it thoroughly while choosing which food to eat. However, you may not familiar yet with the food. You can ask about the detail of the menu to the waitress. Use this sentences for you references:

  • Apa makanan yang paling terkenal disini?

Which food is the most popular here?

  • Tolong rekomendasikan saya makanan yang enak.

Please recommend me a delicious food.

  • Apakah menu ini sudah termasuk nasi?

Is this menu served with rice?

  • Apakah makanan ini mengandung makanan laut?

Is this contains seafood?

  • Apakah makanan ini pedas?

Is this food spicy?

  • Apa rasa dari sambal ini?
    Can you describe the taste of this chili sauce?

How to Order in an Indonesian Restaurant

After deciding which menu to order, you have try to to order it yourselves. Ordering it is not really hard. You can just point your finger to the picture and then the waitress will understand. However, if you want to know about how to order in Indonesian properly, you may try to use these Indonesian conversation sentences:

  • Saya mau pesan nasi goreng (I want to order fried rice)
  • Saya pesan satu bakso ya (One serving of meatballs, please) 

List of Indonesian popular traditional dishes

Indonesia has many popular traditional dishes. Some of them even popular internationally. 

Here are the list of several Indonesian popular traditional dishes you can try to order:

  • Nasi goreng (fried rice)

Nasi goreng or fried rice is a very popular Indonesian dishes. It is sold everywhere, from a fancy restaurant until food stalls in the street. There are also many variation of this dish, such as nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken meat), nasi goreng kambing (friend rice with lamb meat), nasi goreng spesial (special fried rice, a fried rice with various toppings), etc. 

  • Sate (satay)

Satay is s a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, usually served with a peanut sauce. The most popular satay is sate ayam (chicken satay), sate kambing (lamb satay), sate sapi (beef satay), and sate padang (satay from Padang, usually served with spicy thick-porridge-like peanut sauce)

  • Bakso (meatballs)

Meatballs is a ground meat that rolled into ball shape. In Indonesia, it is usually served with bihun (vermicelli) or mie kuning (yellow noodle).

  • Es teh (iced tea)

Iced tea is one of the most popular drinks in Indonesia. The hot weather in Indonesia can make you uncomfortable at times. Then, drinking iced tea will make you feel refreshed again. You can add sugar to it (es teh manis/sweet iced tea). If you decide not to add sugar, you can say it as “es teh tawar” (sugarless iced tea). If you want a hot tea, say it as “teh hangat” or “teh panas”.