How to Order Food in Indonesian – Conversation and Examples

Hello my friends, have you had your lunch today? I hope you enjoyed lunch just like I did (well I always enjoy my every meal)

Beside water, food is our main need. It gives us energy to do activities throughout the day. In addition, if we need a lot of body activity or concentration, we get hungry faster than usual.

How to Order Food in Indonesian

There are several ways to enjoy our food.  First, we can cook at home. The benefit is we can save more money and the hygiene is guaranteed.  But if we don’t have time because we work at home or do other activities that make us difficult to cook, we can order the food from our favorite restaurant for example, by having a food delivery service. Food delivery is a good choice for those who don’t have time to go outside or feel reluctant to go out.  However, if we fancy an eat-out breakfast, lunch or dinner, then we can have the food at our favorite restaurants.  

Here are some examples when we order food in Indonesia:

  • “(Selamat) siang, bisa pesan 1 Bakso spesial?” (“(Good) afternoon, can I order 1 special Meatball please?”)
  • “Saya mau 1 nasi goreng dan 1 es teh. Nasi gorengnya tidak pedas ya.” (“I’d like to have 1 fried rice and 1 glass of iced tea, please.  The fried rice not spicy.”)
  • “Di sini ada ayam bakar?” (“Is there grill chickens here?”)
  • “Bisa minta tambah nasi 1 porsi?” (“Can I ask for 1 more portion of rice, please?”)

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If we buy some food outside but we don’t to enjoy the food in the restaurant, we can use this example:

  • “Saya mau pesan 1 mie goreng pedas, dibungkus.” (“I’d like to order 1 spicy fried noodle for take away.”)

After we finish our food, we can use this Indonesian phrase:

  • “Berapa total harga semua makanan? (“How much the total food cost?)
  • “Berapa semuanya? Ada diskon gak hari ini?  (How much the total food cost for all of them? Is there any discount for today?”)

For food delivery choice, this is a conversation example of how we order the food:

Customer: “Halo, (selamat)sore, saya pesan 2 bebek  goreng, 3 tempe goreng,  2 nasi, dan 2 es teh. Apa bisa diantarkan ke Jalan Senopati Raya no 3?” ( I order 2 fried ducks, 3 fried tempeh,  2 portions of rice,  and 2 glasses of  iced tea. Could the food be delivered to Jalan Senopati Raya no.3, please?”)

Waiter: “Kami bisa antarkan makanannya Pak?” (“Yes we can deliver the food, Sir”)

Customer: “Kira – kira berapa lama sampai di rumah saya?” (“How long does approximately the food arrive at my house?”)
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Waiter: “Sekitar 30 menit. Untuk harga pesanannya Rp 110.000 dan biaya antar Rp 10.000. Totalnya Rp 120.000, Pak (“it’s around 30 minutes”. The order price is Rp 110.000 and delivery rate is Rp 10.000. The total is Rp 120.000). Yes. That’s how to order food in Indonesian.

Customer: “Ok” (“Okay”)

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Those are some examples of ordering food in Indonesia. Hope they help you learning Indonesian better. Have a good day