What to Order in Indonesian Restaurant – Food and Phrases

Let’s talk about food for now. Who doesn’t fall in love with Indonesian food? Indonesia has lots of unforgettable dishes with their rich flavor and beautiful color that attract your taste bud. Indonesia’s food is influenced by several countries, due to colonialism and migration reasons, such as The Netherlands and Portugal. In addition, Chinese and Indian cultures play important role in Indonesian’s taste.

What to Order in Indonesia Restaurant – Indonesia’s Delicacy that You Will Never Forget

When you visit Indonesia, the first thing you have to know this country is by knowing and tasting its food. You will be amazed how rich the flavor is, and the due to the cultural mixture you will also find other foods that come from other regions. Moreover, Indonesians primary food is rice.

Here are some of famous Indonesian dishes that are well-known all over the world.

  1. Nasi Padang

In a Padang Restaurant, there are lots of food choices. This restaurant which food varieties come from Sumatra Island has one menu that is well-known: Rendang.  In 2017, CNN chose Rendang as the first choice of world’s most delicious food*. Rendang is a slow-cooked beef, coconut, chili, and many fragrant spices.

You can also find Ayam Gulai (Chicken Curry) , Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), some types of Sambal, and many other choices.  Here is one interesting thing, if you buy a take-away Nasi Padang (term for rice combined with Padang cuisine), you will get lots of rice which can reach up until 2 portions. Here are for more about list of Indonesian dishes

2. Rawon

When you are confused about what to order at Indonesian restaurant, here is another food recommendation in In Java Island, one of many appetizing foods that we can find is Rawon. It is beef cooked with pangi nut so the soup color turns black. Here are for more about How to Order Food in Indonesian

3. Gado-Gado

We can also enjoy Gado – Gado. This food is similar to salad with peanut sauce. This cuisine provides healthy ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, tofu, and some of additional food depends on the area’s characteristic.
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4. Coto Makassar

Food from Sulawesi, especially from Makassar, is Coto Makassar. It is like a soup with beef and its organs. They usually eat it with Ketupat (Rice wrapped in a rhombus shape and boiled so it becomes very dense)  

5. Soto Banjar

In Indonesian some Indonesian restaurants, you can also find Soto Banjar which comes from South Kalimantan. This chicken-based Soto is heavenly good.
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6. Sate Ayam

Who can resist the delicacy of Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)? If you order Sate Ayam in restaurant, you ask for some more peanut sauce or chopped shallot.

7. Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng is also another food choice when you want to decide what to order at Indonesian restaurant. With its rich spices, you will always miss this Indonesian’s favorite food. Don’t forget to enjoy the fried rice with Kerupuk (Cracker).

8. Sambal

Most Indonesians love to have Sambal in their food. There are several variations of Sambal: Sambal Terasi, Sambal Tomat, Sambal Bawang, etc.

9. Empek-Empek

Empek – Empek Palembang (Palembang savory fishcake) is a snack that is notably delicious. You eat this food with sour and spicy light sauce.

Those are just a small number of foods among other numerous yummy choices. Once you taste one of them, you will always go back to it 🙂