How to say “Mrs” in Indonesian Language (Definition and Examples)

Planning to go on travel? Indonesia will be the best way on your sweet escape~

Or do you just love to learn languages? Indonesian language is interesting to learn!

There is a phrase “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. Every country sure has its own characteristic and culture that differ them from other country. It could be a big problem if you wish to travel without knowing the culture first. Afraid not, we will give you brief explanation on addressing people in Indonesia.

As known before, Indonesians often addressing people by hierarchy, respect to elders and recognizes different ages and genders. We have learned about how to say sir in Indonesia. Now we will learn how to say Mrs in Indonesian Language.

In Indonesia, Mrs commonly use in formal way especially for ‘mature female’. It can be used for married woman, woman above 30 or woman with represent possession of particular attribute, identity, and hierarchy position.

Kindly note that you will considered rude in case you speak to olders with informal language. Thus, you need to read and understand this phrase if you wish to know formal way in addressing elders and enjoy your moments in Indonesia. Also learn more about What is ‘Mbak’ Meaning in Indonesian Language

Basic way of “Mrs” in Indonesian Language

Literally speaking, “Mrs” in Indonesian is called Ibu (I-bu)  or Nyonya (Nyo-Nya) ie: Ibu Dian, Nyonya Amrina.

Well, foreigner would felt difficult in saying word Nyonya at first as there were no ‘Ny’ in English consonants. ‘Ny’ is pronounced like the English ‘ny’ in canyon. In order to be read-able, you need to combine that with vowels ‘a’ and ‘o’ so it will sounded like Nyo-Nya. Keep practicing and hear Indonesian conversations and songs, you will know what we meant.

Please be note that “Mrs-Ibu/Nyonya”  is used for third party or strangers. In Indonesia, “Ibu” has same meaning with mother/mom. You can call your own mom with Ibu too, i.e My mom is a teacher = Ibu saya adalah seorang guru. However, in this case “Ibu” is used for strangers and third party. Also learn more about Indonesian Formal Pronouns

Feel confuse? Now let’s look at this example of how to say “Mrs” in Indonesian Language:

  • Mrs Dian is a teacher.
    Ibu Dian adalah seorang guru

Here, Mrs Dian is your teacher. Thus you need to call her with Ibu Dian. This doesn’t mean that Ibu Dian is your mother even it use the same “Ibu”, it means Ibu Dian is someone you respected and has position above.

Do you see the differences? Great then~

Now let’s see another example of ‘Mrs’ as ‘Nyonya’

  • Is there anything we could help you with, Mrs Iriana?
    Apakah ada yang bisa kami bantu Nyonya Iriana ?
  • Mrs, What are you doing now?
    Apa yang sedang nyonya lakukan sekarang?

Term “Nyonya”  is preferably use for women with high society (noblewomen) like first lady, a manager/ general manager of company or it can be use by house maid to call the house owner. Also learn more about What is “Mas” in Indonesian Language

Informal way of Mrs

Sometimes, when you go shopping in traditional market, the seller will address you in another form of Mrs like Bude (Boo-Day) or Bunda (Boon-Da) or Buk (Book) to attract the customer in purchasing their goods.

Look at these examples of how to say “Mrs” in Indonesian Language:

  • Mrs, This bag look fabulous on you!
    Tas ini bagus loh Bunda! (Bunda is another form of Mrs to attract the wedded women)
  • Mrs, Take look on this fresh vegetables, you won’t regret it!
    Bude, sayurnya masih segar loh ini, ga akan nyesel! (Bude is another of Mrs that commonly used for Javanese woman)
  • Mrs, look at here! It is one plus one!
    Lihat kesini, Bu! Beli satu gratis satu! (Buk is need to sounded familiar)

These are informal way of Mrs that commonly use in traditional market. It also can be addressed for third party that really close to us like our neighbors.Also learn more about Indonesian Body Language and Gestures

How to Say Mrs in Daily us

After knowing formal and informal ways of Mrs, now we will give you the examples of Mrs in daily use.

  • Good day, Mrs Nur!
    Selamat siang Ibu Nur! (Placed at back to use as greeting in daily life)
  • The feasts are ready, please go downstair Mrs Tuti.
    Makanan sudah siap Nyonya Tuti, silahkan turun kebawah (Place in the middle, usually this phrase is used by house maid to call their house owner)
  • Mrs Ria, you look gorgeous today!
    Anda tampak cantik hari ini, Ibu Ria! (Place in the back to give huge impact on the other person, usually used by fellow worker to their manager)
  • Where would you go today, Mrs Veronica?
    Nyonya Veronica, hari ini mau kemana? (Place in front, usually to imply honorifics the opponent) Also learn more about Indonesian Conversation Examples

Mrs in Indonesian language is referred by Ibu, Nyonya, Bunda, Bude, Kakak, Kak, and Mbak depends on its situation and formality. Please be note that this phrase is used for mature woman and women with high hierarchy. Keep practicing this phrase and good luck on your study! We hope to see you in Indonesia soon!