10 Indonesian Conversation Examples and Meaning

More and more people are coming to Indonesia every year for vacation and other purposes. This forces them, whom native language is not Indonesian, to learn to speak Bahasa. Actually, learning Bahasa is not as difficult as learning other languages. If you are learning Bahasa for short vacation only, you can learn the Indonesian conversation. Just as you know, daily conversation in Bahasa Indonesia is slightly different from the formal language. Here are Indonesian conversation examples to learn.

Hotel check in conversation example

Receptionist    : Selamat siang. Ada yang bisa saya bantu?

Ariana             : Saya mau pesan kamar untuk 4 malam.

Receptionist    : Oke. Boleh saya tahu nama anda?

Ariana             : Ariana Gomez. G-O-M-E-Z

Receptionist    : Anda berasal dari mana?

Ariana             : Colorado, USA

Receptionist    : Pembayaran apa yang anda gunakan? Kartu kredit atau cash?

Ariana             : Cash

Receptionist    : Baik. Ini kunci kamar anda. Semoga hari anda menyenangkan.

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Receptionist    : Good afternoon. Is there anything I can help you with?

Ariana             : I would like to book a room for 4 nights

Receptionist    : May I know your name?

Ariana             : Ariana Gomez. G-O-M-E-Z

Receptionist    : Alright miss Gomez. Where do you come from?

Ariana             : Colorado, USA.

Receptionist    : Very well. How would you like to make payment? Credit card or cash?

Ariana             : Cash

Receptionist    : Here is the room key. Have a good day.

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In a restaurant Conversation example

Waitress          : Selamat siang. Mau pesan apa?

Ariana             : Saya mau pesan nasi goreng, ayam bakar, dan teh manis hangat.

Waitress          : Oke. Biar saya ulangi pesanannya, nasi goreng, ayam bakar, dan teh manis      hangat. Mau dibungkus atau dimakan disini?

Ariana             : Dibungkus saja. Berapa?

Waitress          : Semuanya lima puluh ribu rupiah.

Ariana menyerahkan uang seratus ribu rupiah.

Waitress          : Ini uang kembalinya, lima puluh ribu rupiah. Dan ini struk pembeliannya. Silahkan ditunggu sebentar untuk pesanannya. Terima kasih

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Waitress          : Good afternoon. What would you like to order?

Ariana             : I would like to order fried rice, grilled chicken, and warm sweet tea.

Waitress          : Okay. Let me repeat your order, fried rice, grilled chicken, and warm sweet tea. Dine in or take away?

Ariana             : Take away. How much?

Waitress          : fifty thousand rupiah

Ariana gives the waitress one hundred thousand rupiah.

Waitrss            : Here is the change, fifty thousand rupiah. And here is the receipt. Please wait a minute for your order. Thank you

Getting in a taxi

Indonesian conversation examples to learn

Chris                : Taksi!

Taxi driver       : Selamat pagi. Mau kemana pak?

Chris                : Saya mau ke bandara pak.

Taxi driver       : Silahkan masuk pak. Sudah berapa lama tinggal di Indonesia?

Chris                : Sekitar 3 bulan.

Taxi driver       : Oh, makanya bahasa Indonesia anda bagus. Asalnya dari mana pak?

Chris                : Terima kasih. Saya dari Amerika. Bahasa Indonesia saya masih belum lancar. Berapa lama sampa ke bandara?

Taxi driver       : sekitar 30 menit.

30 menit kemudian…

Taxi driver       : Kita sudah sampai di bandara pak.

Chris                : Oke. Berapa ongkosnya?

Taxi driver       : lima puluh ribu rupiah.

Chris                : ini uangnya. Terima kasih

Taxi driver       : Sama-sama. Selamat berlibur.

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Chris                : Taxi!

Taxi driver       : Good morning. Where would you like to go, sir?

Chris                : I want to go to the airport

Taxi driver       : Please, get in the car, sir. How long have you been staying in Indonesia?

Chris                : three months

Taxi driver       : Oh I see. No wonder your bahasa is good. Where do you come from?

Chris                : thank you. I come from America but my bahasa Indonesia is still not fluent. How long does it takes to the airport?

Taxi driver       : around 30 minutes, sir.

30 minutes later…

Taxi Driver      : we have arrived in the airport, sir.

Chris                : Okay. How much is the fare?

Taxi driver       : fifty thousand rupiah

Chris                : here is the money. Thank you

Taxi driver       : you are welcome. Have a nice vacation.

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Making Indonesian call

Receptionist    : Selamat pagi. Degan Mastering Bahasa disini. Ada yang bisa kamu bantu?

Claudine          : Ya, saya ingin berbicara dengan ibu Ani.

Receptionist    : bisa saya tahu ini dari siapa?

Claudine          : Claudine dari kursus bahasa

Receptionist    : mohon maaf saat ini ibu Ani sedang rapat. Apa ada pesan?

Claudine          : tolong bilang nanti akan saya telpon kembali.

Receptionist    : oke. Ada pesan lagi?

Claudine          : tidak terima kasih. Selamat morning. 


Receptionist    : Good morning, Mastering Bahasa is speaking. How can we help you?

Claudine          : Good morning. I need to talk with Miss Ani

Receptionist    : may I know who this is?

Claudine          : This is Claudine from language center.

Receptionist    : Alright Miss Claudine. I am afraid that Miss Ani is currently in a meeting. Do you want to leave a message?

Claudine          : Please tell her that I will call her again.

Receptionist    : Okay. Is there anything I can help you with?

Claudine          : No, thank you. Good morning.

Learning Indonesian conversation is very important to help you interact with people during your stay in the country. Once you can speak bahasa to people, they will quickly compliment how you speak Indonesian very well.