How to Say Sorry in Indonesian – Phrases

In life, it is normal to make a mistake. Especially, it happens when you learn about language. Asking an apologize is the easiest way for your mistake understandable. This is the reason you should know how to say sorry in Indonesian.

In Indonesian language, “sorry” = “maaf”.

This word is unique. For Indonesian people, this word has many forms. This word also used in many situation.

More Phrases to Say Sorry in Indonesian

This is more phrases to say sorry in Indonesian.

  • “Saya minta maaf” (I’m sorry). In english, “minta” = “ask”. The principle is to ask a sorry or forgiveness. That’s why you need to emphasizes that you asking it. In this phrases, you can replace “saya” with “aku”, since both words is 1st person singular pronoun in Indonesian. The phrases become aku minta maaf”. This is personal pronoun variation.
  • “Saya sungguh-sungguh minta maaf” (I’m really sorry). Or, sometimes “sungguh-sungguh” replace by “bener-bener”. The phrase become “Saya bener-bener minta maaf”. You can use this phrases if you want to show your seriousness or sincerity.
  • “Saya mohon maaf” (I’m sorry). This is the other way to show your sincerity. “Mohon” is more subtle word than “minta”, although they have same meaning. Usually, this word use to make your request more polite. Politeness is important in most conversation in Indonesia. It is part of communication etiquette in Indonesian.
  • “Mohon maaf lahir dan batin”. This is a formal form to say sorry. This phrases usually use at religious festive, such as Eid Mubarak. The full meaning is forgive my body and soul. People put this phrases in gift card or write it in social media or any online media.
  • “Maaf” (Sorry). All previous phrases is formal use of sorry. This short version usually use for informal occasion.

More Situation to Say Sorry in Indonesian

Now, it’s time for you to see in some situation on how to say sorry in Indonesian.

  1. When you make any mistake. Example: “Saya minta maaf bila saya salah” (I’m sorry if I’m wrong).
  2. When you can’t fulfill a request. Example: “Saya bener-bener minta maaf, Dika. Saya tidak bisa datang” (I’m really sorry, Dika. I can’t come)
  3. When you want to ask politely. Example: “Mohon maaf, apakah ini mobil anda?” (Sorry, is this your car?)
  4. When you need to interrupt any conversation. Example: “Maaf, saya menyela. Dimana kita letakkan gambar ini?” (Sorry, I’m interrupting. Where do we put this picture?)
  5. When you want to leave a conversation. Example: “Aduh, minta maaf ya, saya harus pulang sekarang” (Sorry, I need to go home now).

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Do not hesitate to say sorry! This is one of the wisdom you need to hold when you connect to Indonesian people. You show your good intention to fix any error when you say sorry. People will give their respect to you and sometimes will help you with your problem. Practice your tone and gesture so you fell comfortable on how to say sorry in Indonesian. Hope this helps you mastering Bahasa.