How to Say Yummy in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

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There are so many words in expressing something. And how to express it is different from various countries. In expressing good taste, it is enough to say “yummy”, but the word is not the same as most countries. This time we will discuss how to say yummy in Indonesian.

In expressing good taste, Indonesian rarely says “yummy”. Mostly, indonesian people say “mmm, enak” or in english “mmm, tasty / delicious”. Or say “enak banget!” or in English “so delicious!”. But that doesn’t mean the word “yummy” is never uttered, for example you can see below:

  • Makanannya enak banget! (The food is really good!)
  • Mmm, rasanya enak. (Mmm, the tasty is good.)
  • Mm, enak banget! Kalian harus coba. (Mm, it’s so good! You must try.)

The word “yummy” is mostly used in expressing flavors in food. Just saying “yummy” shows that the food is good or shows that the food looks good. Most people after saying yummy continue with adverbs. For the example :

  • Yummy, terlihat enak. (Yummy, it looks delicious.)
  • Mmm, yummy! (Mmm, yummy!)

The second sentence shows that the food is delicious without an adverb. In Indonesian, there is no difference in the pronunciation of “yummy” with western countries like the pronunciation in American.

There are other words which mean “yummy”. For example like the word “wah”, this word is pronounced by Koreans in expressing good taste in a food. Indonesian people also often say the word “wah” in showing good taste.

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And usually pronounced at the beginning of the sentence. For example, as shown below :

  • Wah, rasanya sangat luar biasa! (Wow, it feels amazing!)

However, in English it is usually called “wow”. Need to know that the word “yummy” in Indonesian is also not a formal language. The word includes slang which is usually used by young people today. Also in Indonesia, the word “yummy” is often used by teenagers.

However, it is different from English where the word “delicious” can be replaced with the word “yummy”. In Indonesian, after saying the word “yummy” you still have to add the adjective “enak” or in English “delicious”. Same as the example above.

Besides, the words “mmm” or “hmm” followed by facial expressions also mean the words “yummy” or “tasty”. And of course all of the above words do not include the formal word. In Indonesian there is no difference between how to pronounce it in a language in the western state.
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In Indonesia, the word “yummy” is very rarely said by an old person. Because older people rarely know or rarely imitate slang like this.

So, those were some phrase how to say yummy in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!