30 Indonesian Bargaining Words for Travelers Shopping Guide

People mostly come to Indonesia to visit tourist attractions. But besides visiting destinations, shopping and culinary adventure also have much attention from tourists. Some Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Bali are famous for the shopping venues ranging from malls to traditional markets.

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The problem with shopping as foreign people in Indonesia is you are seen as “rich people” with thick pocket of money. No wonder if some travelers admit that they get expensive price when buy something because the shopkeeper suddenly increase the price. To avoid this situation, it is important to get familiarize with Bahasa Indonesia.

Here are some popular Indonesian bargaining words for travelers shopping guide that you need to know. Related: Introduction in Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia English

  • Berapa harganya?
  • Mau beli berapa banyak?
  • Berapa harga pasnya?
How much?

  • How much is that / what does it cost?
  • How many items you want to buy?
  • What is the fixed price?

  • Cuma lihat-lihat
  • Bisa lihat yang ini?
Looking around

  • Just looking around
  • Can I take a look at this?

  • Bisa saya coba yang ini?
  • Saya mau coba yang ini

  • Can I try this on?
  • I want to try this one

  • Saya perlu tukar uang
  • Dimana saya bias tukar uang?
  • Saya perlu uang kecil

  • I need to change my money
  • Where can I change my money
  • I need small changes

  • Ada ukuran M?
  • Ukuran ini terlalu kecil, bisa tukar?

  • Do you have M size?
  • This size is too small, can I change it?

  • Boleh ditawar?
  • Boleh kurang?
  • Kalau saya beli banyak, bisa lebih murah?

  • Can I make a bargain?
  • Can you make it cheaper?
  • If I buy in bulk, can I get lower price?

  • Dimana kasir?
  • Bisa pakai kartu kredit?
  • Terima Amex/Visa?

  • Where is the cashier?
  • Do you accept credit card?
  • Do you take Amex/Visa?

  • Terlalu mahal
  • Kok mahal sekali?

  • Too expensive
  • Why is it too expensive?

  • Ini materialnya apa ya?
  • Bahannya bagus tidak?

  • What is the material?
  • Is the material is good?

  • Minta notanya ya

  • Can I have the bill?
Apa bisa dipaketkan ke luar negeri? Can you ship these abroad?

  • Saya butuh…
  • Saya ingin beli…

  • I need…
  • I want to buy…

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When shopping in Indonesia, especially in markets, make sure to haggle to get lowest price as possible. Perhaps some stores sell goods in higher prices but you can always haggle for a lower price. You just need to make sure that you are familiar with Indonesian bargaining words.

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