A-Z Indonesian Words and Their Meanings

If grammar is like a bone, then the vocabulary is like the flesh of a language. Here are some Indonesian words and the meaning which are commonly used for daily conversation. A Aba, aba-aba = command Abal, abal-abal = fake Abang = big brother Aci = tapioca flour Acak = shuffle Abai = ignore Absen […]

Indonesian Word Derivation – The Origins and Development

Bahasa Indonesia is rooted from Malay languages which is also the same root language used in Malaysia. Besides rooted from Malay language, bahasa Indonesia also absorbed words from other languages which is known as loanwords. Absorbing words from other languages is mostly because of trading, colonization, or simply due to cultural influence. Here’s the material […]

Indonesian Subject Verb Object – Grammatical Structure

The problem when learning a language is not about memorizing vocabulary or perfect pronunciation, but many people fail in understanding the grammar. That being said that grammar is the bone of a language which makes it understandable. Speaking of Indonesian grammar, one of the most important aspects to learn is sentence structure. In general, Indonesian […]

11 Differences between Indonesian and English Grammar

Grammar can be considered as the bone of a language. It rules the language in a way people can understand it. Every language has its own grammar even though it comes in different form. Indonesia has been said as one of few languages with easiest grammar. However, the grammar is still there when you want […]

What’s the Difference between ‘Anda’ and ‘Kamu’ In Indonesian?

In English, we just know one type of second person pronoun which is you. However, in Indonesia, we cannot just use the word you or ‘kamu’ when addressing to people. This is because there is hierarchical level of pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia which distinguishes the use of pronoun. In bahasa Indonesia, we know some types […]

Differences between ‘Kita’ and ‘Kami’ in Indonesian – The Examples

The word ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in Bahasa Indonesia is two similar but different word. Most people learning the language confuse with the use of the two words because the words are literary translated as ‘we’ in English. Yes, there is actually no concept of ‘kami’ and ‘kita’ in English, but in Indonesia, pronoun is mostly […]

4 Types Indonesian Language Particles – Formula – Examples

Particles are a class of word which only has grammatical meaning and does not have lexical meaning. The general meaning of particles depends on its connection with other words in a phrase or sentence. Also, particles cannot stand alone and always have to be attached to other words. In general, particles include words that are […]

Indonesian Transitive Verbs – Formula – Examples

In Bahasa Indonesia, verbs are divided into several classes such as root verb, affixes verb, active and passive verb. Each of the classes has its own function and used for different purposes. According to the present of the object, verbs are divided into two kinds which are transitive and intransitive verb. Similar to English, transitive […]

100+ Indonesian Intransitive Verbs – Formula – Meaning

Similar to English, verbs or ‘kata kerja’ in bahasa Indonesia is also divided in two which are transitive and intransitive verbs. I am sure that you are already familiar with this type of verb. In bahasa Indonesia, intransitive verb refers to the doer of the action. To put in simple, intransitive verbs signifies someone’s action. […]

Some Similarities between Malay and Indonesian to Know

For those who have visited Indonesia and Malaysia, the language spoken in those two countries may sound similar. Bahasa Indonesia and Malay are rooted from the same origin language which is Bahasa Melayu. Both Bahasa Indonesian and Bahasa Malaysia are two forms of standardized Bahasa Melayu. Some people even make analogy of those two languages […]