38 Indonesian Connecting Words – Formula and Examples

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Just like in the English language, connecting words or conjunctions are so important in sentences because they help combining two words, phrases, clauses, or even sentences. They can simplify a text to make it easier to read and understand as well as help readers connect cause and effect in a story or conversation.

Indonesian Connecting Words

To start, here are some basic Indonesian connecting words.

  1. Dan : and
  2. Atau : or
  3. Dengan / sama : with
  4. Tetapi (tapi) : but
  5. Juga : also
  6. Ini : this
  7. Itu : that
  8. Sini : here
  9. Situ : there
  10. Banyak : a lot
  11. Sedikit : few
  12. Mungkin : maybe
  13. Semua : all
  14. Lebih : more
  15. Kurang : less
  16. Nanti : after
  17. Kemarin : yesterday
  18. Besok : tomorrow
  19. Masih : still
  20. Belum : not yet
  21. Kalau : if

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Indonesian Connecting Words Explanations

Let’s check out some examples for the most widely used Indonesian connecting words.

1. Dan – And

Saya dan Budi makan roti dan pisang-pisang – Budi and I eat bread and bananas

2. Atau – Or

  • Kamu suka yang biru atau yang kuning? – Do you like the blue one or the yellow one?

3. Tapi – But

  • Tapi: Dia mau makan, tapi harus roti – S/he wants to eat, but it has to be bread
  • Tetapi: Dia mau makan, tetapi Anna tidak mau – S/he wants to eat, but Anna doesn’t want to
  • Akan tetapi: Dia mau makan, akan tetapi ia tidak punya uang untuk makan – S/he wants to eat, but s/he doesn’t have money for eating.

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4. Kalau / Jika – If / When

  • Kalau kamu mau makan, makanlah – If you want to eat, go ahead and eat
  • Kalau sudah selesai makan, bereskanlah – When you finished eating, clean it up

The words Kalau and Jika can be used interchangeably

5. Karena – Because

  • Ia tidak masuk kerja karena sakit – S/he doesn’t come for work because s/he is sick

6. Walau / Walaupun – Although / Even Though

  • Walaupun makanmu banyak, kamu tetap kurus – Even though you eat a lot, you’re still thin
  • Walau malam telah larut, Joni masih mencari makan keluar – Although it was late at night, Joni still went out to look for food

7. Meski / Meskipun – Although

This has the same meaning and usage with walau and walaupun.

8. Juga – Also

  • Saya juga mau makan di kantin – I also want to eat at the canteen.

9. Bahkan – Even/Even more so

  • Ia bahkan pergi tanpa sempat makan – S/he is even went out without having a meal first

10. Jadi / Maka – So/Therefore

  • Jadi, setelah ini kita mau makan kemana? – So, where do we want to eat after this?
  • Saya makan maka saya kenyang – I ate therefore I’m full
  • Makanan disini murah, maka dari itu pengunjungnya banyak – The food here is cheap, therefore it has a lot of visitors

The phrase maka dari itu is very often used to mean therefore.

11. Sehingga – And so / Resulting that

  • Makanku empat kali sehari, sehingga pengeluaranku bertambah – I eat four times a day, as a result my expenses have increased.

12. Supaya – So that

  • Mari pulang sekarang, supaya tidak kena macet – Let’s go home now so we don’t get caught up in traffic jam.

13. Agar – So that / In order to

Synonymous with supaya.

14. Hanya – Only

Silakan makan sepuasnya, hanya jangan dibawa pulang – Please eat all you can, only don’t bring any home 

15. Saja – Only / Just

Synonymous with hanya. However, if both are being used together as one phrase (i.e. in hanya saja), it means however, or rather “the catch is”.

16. Lagi – Again

  • Kami pergi makan di tempat yang sama lagi – We are going to eat at the same place again

If it is used in the front of the sentence, we should use the phrase sekali lagi or lagi-lagi to mean again, or rather one more time.

  • Sekali lagi, mereka makan di restoran Italia yang sama itu – Once again, they eat at the same Italian restaurant

17. Lagipula – Moreover

  • Sayangnya saya tidak bisa makan lagi, lagipula makanannya sudah habis semua – It’s a pity that I can eat no more, moreover, the food is all gone already

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