100+ Indonesian Flirting Phrases – Meaning – Examples

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You have learned lots of Important Phrases in Indonesian, such as Business Phrases and Shopping Phrases. This time, we will learn another important phrase, which is about Indonesian flirting phrases. Therefore, maybe it might help when you want to ask someone for date or even move to more serious relationship.

As you know in Bahasa Indonesia, there are varieties of pronoun for ‘I’ and ‘you’. Usually when someone in/or going to have a romantic relationship, they use pronoun ‘aku’ (I) and ‘kamu (you). Both have more intimate and less stiff sense than others pronouns for ‘I’ and ‘you’. However, it backs on the individuals again.
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Indonesian idioms related to love or flirting

  • jantung hatiku = my love, apple of my eye
    *both jantung and hati are translated as ‘heart’ in English
  • dara manisku = my sweet girl(friend)
  • sehidup semati = everlasting
  • pujaan hati = hearrthrob (also for idols)
  • bahtera rumah tangga = household
    *bahtera means ark, therefore it is not usual household, but a household that build together with teamwork by a man and a woman similar to building an ark
  • cinta abadi = endless love
  • cinta sejati = true love
  • bidadariku = my angel
  • pasangan hidup = spouse/partner
    *in Indonesia, it is forbidden for couple to live together without legalization from official marriage
  • menembak = ask someone to be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend
    Menembak literal meaning is shoot someone. However, menembak could means shoot into someone heart (deepest feeling)
    *Example: Andi menembak Lita could means Andi shot Lita or Andi asked Lita to be his girlfriend.
  • sayang (n) = my dear

In Bahasa Indonesia, heart could be translated as ‘jantung’ (cardio) or ‘hati’ (it is also translation for liver). Both symbolize deep(est) feeling of someone.

General flirting phrases in Bahasa Indonesia 

These are several common Indonesian flirting phrases. It includes how to ask a date, saying ‘I love you’, and others usual phrases.

  • Aku sayang kamu = I love you (also for friends, family)
  • Aku cinta kamu = I love you
    *sayang is a modest expression for love, while cinta is usually used in more serious relationship
  • Kamu weekend ini sibuk ga? = Are you free this weekend?
  • Kamu mau pergi nge-date besok? = Do you want to go for a date tomorrow?
  • Kamu mau pergi nonton film denganku? = Do you want to go for movie with me? 
  • Boleh minta no HP (handphone)? = May I ask your phone number?
  • Kamu mau jadi pacar aku? = Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • Aku mencintai kamu apa adanya = I love you just the way you are
  • Aku sangat merindukanmu = I miss you (so badly)
  • Aku kangen kamu = I miss you (kangen is less stiff than ‘merindukanmu’)
  • Aku tidak bisa hidup tanpa kamu = I can’t live without you
  • Aku ingin bertemu denganmu sekali lagi = I want to meet you want more time
  • Pertemuan kemarin begitu membekas di hatiku = Last meeting left a hand print (impression) in my heart
  • Sampai maut memisahkan kita = Til death do us part
  • Selamat Valentine = Happy Valentine
  • Selamat hari jadi, sayang = Happy anniversary, my dear.
  • Wajahmu bagaikan rembulan = Your face like a (full) moon
    *rembulan is one of Indonesian symbol of beauty, usually used in literary work. Therefore, Indonesian usually find it romantic
  • Hatiku berdebar-debar setiap melihatmu = My heart is pounding really hard every time I see you
  • Jantungku berdegup kencang setiap aku memikirkanmu = My heart is beating so fast when I’m thinking about you
  • Izinkan aku singgah di hatimu = Let me sail into your heart
  • Berikan aku kesempatan untuk mengisi ruang hatimu = Give me a chance to fill the empty space in your heart. 

Literature/Film/Music-related phrases

Others phrase derived from popular media: novels, films or musics. Here are several examples/

  • Jangan rindu. Berat. Kamu nggak akan kuat, biar aku saja
    Don’t miss me. It’s too heavy. You wouldn’t strong enough, just let me carry it on my own. (from Dilan 1990)
  • Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
    I want to love you simply (“Aku ingin” by Sapardi Djoko Damono)
  • Dua hati menjadi satu 
    Two hearts become one (song by Gita Gutawa)
  • Seratus itu sempurna. Tapi kami satu lebih sempura
    One hundred is perfect. But, you are one more perfect. (from Rectoverso)
  • Kau ‘kan slalu di hatiku, saat ini sampai selamanya
    You’ll be in my heart, from this day one, now and forever more (from Tarzan)
  • Cintaku sedalam samudra, setinggi langit di angkasa kepadamu
    My love for you is deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky (song by Anggun C. Sasmi)
  • Pernahkah nggak, nyoba buang sesuatu tapi sesuatu itu selalu kembali lagi?
    Have you ever tried to throw something away but it always comes back? (from Kata Hati Movie)
  • Mengapa ada yang kurang saat kau tak ada?
    Why there always a hole when you’re gonr? (from Cinta Pertama)
  • Wajahmu mengalihkan duniaku
    Your face distracts my world (song by Afgan)

Cheesy/Small Sweet Talk (Rayuan Gombal)

These following examples will show you a small talk (or even a cr*p) that had been popular for some times ago in Indonesia. There are many of these types of talk which called rayuan gombal. Moreover, you always can use it to flirt your love.

  • A: Ayah kamu dokter ya? (Your dad is a doctor, isn’t he?)
    B: Kok tau? (How do you know?)
    A: Karena kamu menyembuhkan hatiku? (Because you healed my heart)
  • A: Mbak, kamu bintang film ya? (Miss, you are a movie star, aren’t you?)
    B: Nggak kok (No, I’m not)
    A: Tapi ada bintang bersinar di matamu (But there are stars shine in your eyes)
  • A: Mbak, punya pen? (Miss, do you have any pen?)
    B: Sori, gak punya (No, sorry)
    A: Tapi, nomor HP punya kan (But, you have phone numbers, right?)

Sometimes, flirting could be very cheesy, right? Okay, enough for Indonesian Flirting Phrases. You could also check these following articles: