Learn Indonesian Language Basics in 3 Minutes

The level of difficulty when learning a language is varied from one to another, but mostly they find it difficult how to start. Many people also encounter the same problem when they learn Bahasa Indonesia even though some of them say the language is easy to learn.

Learn  Indonesian Language Basics

Perhaps learning bahasa Indonesia is never listed on your note, but as you are going to visit or live in the country, you have to at least able to make conversation in Bahasa Indonesia. Despite different dialects spoken throughout the country, you can start learning the standard Bahasa Indonesia from basic. Here we have listed some Indonesian language from the basic to advance level.

1. Indonesian Alphabets and pronunciation

Before you start speaking, it is important to learn the alphabets and proper pronunciation. Luckily, Bahasa Indonesia uses the same 26 Latin alphabets like what we have in English. It surely makes learning much easier because you do not need to learn symbolic alphabets like in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Arabic. Also learn about Indonesian Alphabets.

The alphabets may be the same but the pronunciation is definitely different. In Bahasa Indonesia, the alphabets are pronounced as the way it is written. You can check out here to find out more about Indonesian pronunciation guide. It is important to learn the correct pronunciation because it might change the meaning of the word.

2. Indonesian Grammar

Grammar is an important part of every language including bahasa Indonesia. It contains the rule to create sentence. Compared to other langugaes, Indonesian grammar is much simpler because there is not verb gender, verb changes, and the like.

  • Subject – the subject in English is simpler compared to Indonesia because you have to use different pronoun for different people according to age, gender, situations, as well as social status. Yes, you cannot just use ‘you or kamu’ for any people.
  • Verb – in Bahasa Indonesia verb is known as ‘predikat’ and the use of verb is quite different. In Indonesia, verb does not change according to subject or time, but it uses affixes.
  • Tenses – many people say that Bahasa Indonesia does not have tenses because there is no verb change for time difference. However, the tenses are there; it is just in different form because in Bahasa Indonesia we use adverb of time instead of changing the verb.

3. Indonesian Affixes

Affixes are an important part in Bahasa Indonesia. It is formed Indonesian words with different meaning from the root words. Many people who learn Bahasa Indonesia find it difficult to learn Indonesian affixes but we have got you covered. We have load of posts about Indonesian affixes to help you in learning. Learn more on how to form Indonesian words using affixes

4. Indonesian Vocabulary and popular words

When learning a language, memorizing the vocabulary and popular words is deadly important. The more vocabularies that you remember will make it easier for you to speak and understand the native people. You can enrich your vocabulary through reading Indonesian books or texts. Every time you find new words, you can write it down along with the meaning.

  • Making sentences

If you have learn the grammar, tenses, and affixes; you can level up and try making some sentences. You can start from the simple sentence first before making complex sentence. Thus, learn Indonesian Language basics  by writing simple sentence and learn the structure.

  • Popular phrases

Learning a language through popular phrases is also a great way to master Bahasa Indonesia. You can check our post about Indonesian phrases basic and Indonesian popular phrases. These phrases are basic phrase and mostly used in everyday conversation. Try to use the phrases in your daily conversation as well including with native people. 

  • Speak up

Learn Indonesian Language Basics by speaking it up. Indonesian people always appreciate those who make effort in learning the language. So, whether you stay in the country for a long time or only short visit, do not be shy to speak up. There is no better way to learn a language than speaking up.

Bahasa Indonesia may not be one of the international languages, but it is indeed one of the unique languages in the world. Learning a new language, including Bahasa Indonesia, should not be difficult. We have a simple and easy guide to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginner. However, if you are currently in very basic level, it is better to start from the alphabets, pronunciation, and grammar first.