List of Subjects of Indonesian Grammatical Structure (Complete Examples)

Hello, are you ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia this time? So, this time we gonna learn more how to know some of the lists of subjects in Indonesian. The previous on the grammatical structure of Indonesian subject verb object, we have learned that the Indonesian structure sentence is similar to English. Thus, let’s learn about list of subjects of […]

A-Z Basic Balinese Phrases and Examples – Easy to Learn

Om Swastyastu. Welcome back. As a main tourist destination in the world, learning Balinese phrases and examples is as important as learning Indonesian pronunciation of basic words of Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, you should also master some important Balinese phrases. You won’t miss opportunity to visit Bali when you have a plan to go Indonesia, right? […]

Learn Indonesian Language Basics in 3 Minutes

The level of difficulty when learning a language is varied from one to another, but mostly they find it difficult how to start. Many people also encounter the same problem when they learn Bahasa Indonesia even though some of them say the language is easy to learn. Learn  Indonesian Language Basics Perhaps learning bahasa Indonesia […]