Indonesian Language Examples for Beginner

Learning Indonesian language is not enough if you only learn Indonesian pronunciation of basic words and Indonesian vocabulary. The most important thing when learning the language is to be able to apply what you have learned into conversation and writing. In general, Indonesian language examples are divided into two types which are conversational and written language.

Indonesian conversation examples

Indonesian conversation, in general, can be concluded as formal and daily conversation. Formal conversation can be seen in news program, governmental environment, and other formal occasion. Meanwhile, the daily conversation is usually used between friends, families, and mostly in everyday life. For those whose first language is not Indonesian, the daily conversational language, or also known as bahasa gaul, may be slightly difficult than the formal language. This is because vocabularies for daily conversation are quite different from the formal language.

Besides daily conversational language, local dialects are also widely spoken in many areas. Even though there are many variations of spoken language in Indonesia, most people in the country understand formal language well. So, you can speak to the locals using formal Indonesian and slowly upgrade your language comprehension. Check Indonesian conversation examples for conversation using formal language. Also here is the daily conversation example using informal language.

Dinda: wah, sekarang lagi hujan nih. Padahal mau pulang.

Karla: tunggu bentar lah. Paling-paling bentar lagi reda.

Dinda: bener juga sih

Karla: lagi pula kamu kan enggak bawa payung. Masa mau hujan-hujan?

Dinda: baiklah. Aku tunggu bentar disini.

Karla: kalau hujan gini pasti inget dulu kita sering main hujan bareng terus habis itu dimarahin sama mama. Lucu ya sekarang udah besar pada takut sama hujan. Takut basah.

Dinda: Makanya mereka bilang hidup lebih menyenangkan jadi anak kecil. Jadi orang dewasa banyak yang harus dipertimbangkan sih.

Karla: Bener banget. Yang penting kita tetap jadi sahabat sampai nenek-nenek ya.

Indonesian Translation 

Dinda: Oh my, it is raining. I am going to go home actually.

Karla: Just wait a second. It probably will stop raining soon.

Dinda: very well then.

Karla: and btw, you do not bring an umbrella with you. Do you want to get in the rain?

Dinda: You’re right. I will wait for a while here.

Karla: during this kind of rain, I always remember that we often play under the rain and then mama will get angry. It is very funny how we are afraid to get under the rain. We are too afraid to get wet.

Dinda: no wonder they say that life is better when you are children because adults have lots of thing to worry about.

Karla: That is so right. Most importantly we have to stay as best friend until we get old.

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Indonesian Writing Examples for Beginner 

Indonesian writing language is much simpler than the conversational language. Most writing of any kinds, such as newspaper, journals, magazines, textbook, and such thing are written in formal language. This makes writing and reading lesson can be much easier than learning conversational language. Here is some examples of Indonesian writing language.

Meskipun sama-sama terbuat dari kedelai, kandungan protein pada tempe ternyata lebih tinggi dari pada kandungan protein pada tahu. Menurut beberapa penelitian, kandungan protein pada tempe sebesar 15,4 gram, sedangkan protein pada tahu hanya sekitar 10 gram saja. Perbedaan kandungan protein ini disebabkan karena proses pembuatan tempe lebih sedikit dari pada pembuatan tahu. Proses pembuatan tempe hanya meliputi pengukusan kedelai, pengelupasan kulit ari, dan pemberian ragi. Kemudian tempe disimpan dalam wadah tertutup selama beberapa hari. Namun pada proses pembuatan tahu sedikit lebih rumit karena setelah kedelai direbus harus dihaluskan terlebih dahulu dan diambil saripatinya. Saripati kedelai akan dicampur dengan biang dan kemudian disimpan selama beberapa hari. Karena perbedaan proses pembuatannya menyebabkan kadar protein antara tahu lebih rendah dari pada protein tempe. 

Indonesian Translation 

Here is the translation of Indonesian Language examples for beginner

Even though both are made from soy, protein content in tempeh is actually higher than protein content in tofu. According to some research, protein content in tempeh is 15.4 gram while in tofu is only 10 gram. The difference of protein content is because of tempeh making process is much simpler than tofu making. Tempeh making process only includes steaming soy bean, sloughing the epidermis, and giving yeast. Then, tempeh will be stored in closed container and be kept for some days. On the other hands, tofu making process is slightly more complicated because after steaming process, the soy bean will be grounded to get soy bean curd. The curd will then mixed with tofu starter and will be kept for some days. Due to the difference in the making process, the protein content in tofu is lower than tempeh.

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Indonesian formal language is mostly used in writing. It also used in some aspect in life such as governmental environment. The informal language is widely used in everyday conversation.

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