Indonesian Slang Words to Help You Speak like A Local – Mastering Your Bahasa Skill

Slang word is one of the words in a language and it relates to the informal language. The usage of slang word is usually spoken among a group of people.

The words are made in their own terms when other people do not really understand when the group of people are having those slang words in the middle of the conversation. The slang words can be found in almost every countries’ languages in the world, including Indonesia. Here’s also What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Indonesian slang words have also lots of variant. The slang words can be based on the region or where the group of people gather. Indonesian slang words are usually spoken among young people.

The slang words can also be spoken and make new comers or other foreigners can speak like a local. Therefore, what are the examples of Indonesian slang words to help you speak like a local? And when do you use those slang words? Here’s also Lu Meaning in Indonesian

The Time to Use Indonesian Slang Words

Before discovering the Indonesian slang words, as it is elaborated before that Indonesian slang words is often used among young people. However, the usage of the Indonesian slang words can be used among elderly, or adults.

In fact, when people in the conversation speak slang words, they must speak them in the informal conversation.

The Indonesian slang words are often spoken when the young people gather. The slang words are also spoken in the family gather or a group of people know each other and they have felt intimacy. Here’s also How to Say “F Off” in Indonesian

Some slang words couldn’t be spoken when the younger people speak to elderly. It felt that those slang words are not formal or polite. For example, the word ‘gue/gw/gua’ which means ‘I’ in English, and ‘lo/elu/lu’ which means ‘you’ in English.

The Example of Indonesian Slang Words to Act like Local

Indonesian Slang Words Meaning (English)
Baper (Bawa Perasaan) Feeling sensitive on people’s opinion
Ansos (Anti Sosial) Anti-Social (be spoken when people are playing phone while they are having conversation together)
Gue/gw/gua (Saya) I /my/mine = Be spoken by most young people or a group of people who are familiar to each other.
Elo/lo/lu (Kamu/Anda) You/your/yours = Be spoken by most young people or a group of people who are familiar to each other.
Saik (Asyik/Asik) Absorbed (be spoken when people are amazed on something or felt good on something)
Lebay (Terlalu) Too much (be spoken when people are doing something out of normal or when people felt too much on one condition)
Galak (Pemarah/Sensitif) Sensitive or grumpy people
Banget (Sangat) Very/So
Doang (Saja) Only/just
Gokil (Keren) Cool

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Example of Usage

Indonesian Slang Words Usage Meaning (in English)
Gue suka gaya lo!” I like your style!”
Gokil ide lo!” “How cool your idea is!”
“Ih, galak banget sih!” “OMG, you are so grumpy!”
“Jangan ansos, taruh handphone lo dong!” “Don’t be anti-social, put your phone, please!”
“Maaf, gue bercanda doang, jangan baper ya…” “Sorry, I am just kidding, don’t be so sensitive…”

Those are the examples and information of Indonesian slang words. Have you heard some of those before? What are your favorite Indonesian slang words to help you speak like a local?