What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Indonesian language is notorious for its numerous ever expanding slang words. It may even need a special dictionary to explain each of them. And it does not include slang words Indonesians use when chatting.

Slangs in Indonesia vary from daily slangs (such as the meaning of word “lo”)to offensive expletives. Which ones would you hate the most? Check out the list below to find out.

1. Jomblo

Jomblo is slang for single people. If you have been looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend without success, jomblo would be the slang word you hate the most.

It’s even worse if you have just broken up, the word “jomblo” will add nothing bad pain to your situation.

Example: Alina sekarang lagi jomblo tuh, kamu bisa minta nomer hape-nya. (Alina is now single, you can ask her for her phone number)

2. Sotoy

When you’re trying to explain something and your Indonesians friends call you “sotoy”, you wouldn’t like it. Sotoy means know-it-all. It means you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Example: Gak mungkin Ariana Grande mau konser ke Indonesia, sotoy kamu. (It’s impossible Ariana Grande would come and have a concert in Indonesia, you don’t know what you’re talking about.)

3. Anjing

Anjing means “dog” when translated to English. There’s nothing wrong with this cute animal, but if people exclaim or call you “Anjing” in Indonesia, then it means something else, and it’s degrading instead of cute.

The slang word “Anjing” if addressed to a person, it similar to “fuck you” in English. It can also be translated in to “Damn” or “Goddamn”.

Example: Anjing! Aku lupa kalau ada ujian pagi ini. (“Fuck, I forgot there’s an exam this morning”).

Read here if you wanna know more about Sundanese swear words.

4. Galau

Galau is a situation where you are sad or have a personal problem. However, Indonesian overused this slang so much it becomes annoying and the translation becomes more various.

It’s one of the untranslable Indonesian words. You can decide between a red dress or a blue dress? According to Indonesians you’re “galau” (undecided). Wondering why your boyfriend hasn’t text back yet? Your Indonesian friends will call you “galau” (worry, sad, confuse, terrible and mixed feelings).

Example: Baju warna merah atau hijau? Galau, nih! (Red dress or green dress? I can’t decide). 

5. Goblok

Goblok is a slang word derived from the Javanese language. It translates as stupid” in English.

Goblok is intended as an offensive slang. People will automatically hate it when they’re being called “goblok”. Well, who likes it when others call you stupid?

Example: Kamu goblok banget, gak tahu apa ibukota Indonesia. (you’re really stupid for not knowing what’s the capital of Indonesia is)

6. Jaim

Jaim is a person who cares so much about their self-image in front of people. A “jaim” person is often shallow, superficial, and for them, outer appearance is everything.

You might not hate the word “Jaim”, but if you’re a person who doesn’t judge a book by its cover, you will often disagree with a person who has “jaim” personality.

Example: Jaman sekarang, banyak selebriti dan politikus yang jaim. (These days, celebrities and politicians care a lot about their image)

7. Jayus

You will hate the word Jayus if it’s addressed to you. Jayus means cringey, or telling lame jokes. Nobody likes to be told that their joke is lame. Jayus can also be a situation where the joke is unfunny and make the situation more awkward.

Example : “Mika orangnya jayus banget” (“Mika is very cringey”, or “Mika’s joke are lame”)