How Do You Say Thank You in Indonesian Slang?

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There are various ways and words that can be said in thanking. What is very often said is the word “thank you”, and almost all countries in the world use that word to thank you. However, the pronunciation is different in each country. In Indonesian, the word “thank you” means “terima kasih”, how to pronounce it like this:
Te-ri-ma ka-sih

For formal languages, usually use “terima kasih banyak” or in English “thank you so much”. And of course in Indonesia there are slang in thanking, and often spoken by young people. Example :

  • Makasih
  • Maacih

The word above has the same meaning, “thank you” but in the slang.

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Here are the example in the sentences :

  • Makasih ya sudah dibantu.
  • (Thanks for helping.)
  • Makasih banget makanannya.
  • (Thank you for the food.)
  • Maacih sudah masakin nasi goreng.
  • (Thank you for cooking fried rice.)
  • Maacih bukunya.
  • (Thank you for the book.)

Usually Indonesian people say the word “thanks” first. And sometimes, put the word “thanks” at the end of the sentence. Example :

  • Buku itu, makasih ya.
  • (The book, thank you.)
  • Untuk bantuannya, makasih banget ya.
  • (For the help, thank you very much.)

In Indonesian slang, almost all of them are said to use informal language. for example, in formal language “terima kasih banyak / thank you so much” in slang changed to “makasih banget / thank you so much”. Where the word “banyak / so much” in slang changed to “banget / so much”.

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There are no specific rules in saying the slang word.

Those were some phrase how to say thank you in Indonesian slang. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!