120 Indonesian Survival Phrases and Common Sentences

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After getting to know some basic Indonesian vocabulary and everyday Indonesian conversation examples, let’s learn about the phrases you need to know to survive in Indonesia. You might be a tourist or a temporary resident in Indonesia, but you need to be familiar with these phrases in order for you to survive here. Don’t worry, Indonesians are friendly and always ready to help you get around!

Indonesian Survival Phrases

Let’s start with the basics Indonesian survival phrases.

Excuse Me Permisi
Can you help me? Dapatkah anda membantu saya?
I’m Lost Saya tersesat
I don’t understand saya tidak mengerti
I don’t speak Bahasa Saya tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia
Where is it? Dimanakah ini?
Can you call the police? Tolong hubungi polisi
I’m hurt Saya terluka
Somebody help me! Tolong saya!
Thanks for helping me Terima kasih telah membantu saya
How much? Berapa?
How far? can you get me there? Seberapa jauh? dapatkah anda mengantar saya?
I got robbed Saya dicopet

Thus, that’s the basic Indonesian survival phrases. If you still don’t get it, we can learn more below!

Here are some more examples of Indonesian survival phrases:

  1. Permisi
    Excuse me
  2. Tolong
    Please (request)
  3. Silakan
    Please (formal)
  4. Thank you
    Terima kasih
  5. Thanks
    Ma kasih/trims
  6. Sama-sama/Kembali
    You’re welcome
  7. Ya
  8. Tidak
  9. Mungkin
  10. Maaf
  11. Permisi
    Excuse me
  12. Tidak apa-apa
    No problem
  13. Bisa bicara bahasa Inggris?
    Can you speak English?
  14. Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.
    I can’t speak Indonesian.
  15. Saya bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia sedikit-sedikit.
    I can speak a little Indonesian. 
  16. Saya tidak mengerti.
    I don’t understand.
  17. Bisa biscara pelan-pelan?
    Can you speak more slowly?
  18. Ini apa?
    What’s this?
  19. Itu apa?
    What’s that?
  20. Berapa harganya?
    How much is it? (a single item)
  21. Berapa semuanya?
    How much is it? (total/in a restaurant)
  22. Berapa ongkosnya?
    How much is it? (service i.e. a taxi)
  23. Saya tersesat.
    I’m lost.
  24. Bisa tolong saya?
    Can you help me, please?
  25. Di mana kamar mandi?
    Where is the bathroom?

Indonesian Survival Phrases for Emergency Situation

Here are some survival phrases for emergency situations.

  1. Leave me alone.
    Jangan ganggu saya. ()
  2. Don’t touch me!
    Jangan pegang saya! ()
  3. I’ll call the police.
    Saya panggil polisi. ()
  4. Police!
    Polisi! ()
  5. Stop! Thief!
    Stop! Maling! ()
  6. Hey! Pickpocket!
    Hey! Copet! ()
  7. I need water
    Saya perlu air ()
  8. I need your help.
    Saya minta tolong. ()
  9. It’s an emergency.
    Ini darurat. ()
  10. I’m lost.
    Saya tersesat. ()
  11. I lost my bag.
    Saya kehilangan tas saya. ()
  12. I lost my wallet.
    Saya kehilangan dompet saya. ()
  13. I’m sick.
    Saya sakit. ()
  14. I’ve been injured.
    Saya terluka. ()
  15. I need a doctor.
    Saya perlu dokter. ()
  16. Can I use your phone?
    Bisa saya pakai telepon anda? ()
  17. Can you speak English? 
    Bisakah bicara Bahasa Inggris?

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Indonesian Survival Phrases for Situations with The Authority

Here are some survival phrases for situations with the authority.

  1. I haven’t done anything wrong.
    Saya tidak bersalah. ()
  2. It was a misunderstanding.
    Itu salah paham. ()
  3. Where are you taking me?
    Saya dibawa ke mana ? ()
  4. Am I under arrest?
    Apakah saya ditahan ? ()
  5. I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.
    Saya warga negara Amerika /Australia / Inggris / Kanada. ()
  6. I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.
    Saya ingin bicara dengan Kedutaan Besar/Konsulat Amerika / Australia / Inggris / Kanada. ()
  7. I want to talk to a lawyer.
    Saya mau bicara dengan pengacara/advokat. ()
  8. Can I just pay a fine here now?
    Bisakah saya bayar denda di tempat saja? ()
  9. Going out to eat? Check out these phrases! A table for one person/two people, please.
    Tolong, satu meja untuk satu/dua orang. ()
  10. Can I look at the menu, please?
    Bisa lihat menunya? ()
  11. Is there a house specialty?
    Ada makanan istimewa? ()
  12. Is there a local specialty?
    Ada makanan khas daerah ini? ()
  13. I’m a vegetarian.
    Saya vegetarian. ()
  14. I don’t eat pork.
    Saya tidak makan babi. ()
  15. I don’t eat beef.
    Saya tidak makan sapi. ()
  16. Can you make it “lite”, please? (less oil/butter/lard)
    Tolong bisa dibuat dengan lebih sedikit minyak? ()
  17. I want _____.
    Saya mau pesan _____. ()
  18. I want a dish containing _____.
    Saya mau makanan yang mengandung _____. ()
  19. Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)
    Mas-Mas! (young male), Bang-Bang! (older male) Mbak-Mbak! (female) Bu-Bu! (older Female)()
  20. I’m finished.
    Saya sudah selesai. ()
  21. It was delicious.
    Tadi enak rasanya. ()
  22. Please clear the plates.
    Tolong piringnya diambil. ()
  23. The check, please.
    Minta bon. (

Indonesian Survival Phrases in Daily Conversations 

Here are some phrases you need to use for going around the city with public transport such as taxis.

  • Taxi!
    Taksi! (TUKS-see)
  • Take me to _____, please.
    Bisa pergi ke _____. ()
  • How much does it cost to get to _____?
    Berapa harganya ke _____? ()
  • Take me there, please.
    Tolong antar saya ke sana. ()
  • Turn left.
    Belok kiri. ()
  • Turn right.
    Belok kanan. ()
  • Turn around. (U-turn)
    Putar balik. ()
  • Watch for the _____.
    Lihat _____. ()
  • Stop here.
    Berhenti di sini. ()
  • Wait here.
    Tunggu di sini. ()

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