300 Indonesian Useful Expressions – Examples and Meaning

Selamat datang di MasteringBahasa.com! Welcome to MasteringBahasa.com! If you’re seeking to learn Indonesian language online for free, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll tackle useful Indonesian expressions that can be used in everyday situations.

Common Greetings In Indonesian for Beginner

  • Good morning (morning greeting until 10 am) > Selamat pagi
  • Hello (mid-day greeting, during the day from 10 am to 3 pm) > Selamat siang
  • Good afternoon (afternoon greeting, from 3 pm until nightfall) > Selamat sore
  • Good evening > Selamat malam
  • Good night > Selamat tidur
  • Welcome > Selamat datang
  • Please > Tolong (For a request) – Mari, silakan (For and invitation)
  • The bill, please > Tolong bonnya
  • Thank you > Terima kasih
    You’re welcome > Sama-sama
  • Excuse me > Permisi (For a request) – Maaf (To apologise)
  • Goodbye > Selamat jalan (If you are staying) – Selamat tinggal (If you are leaving)

Indonesian Useful Expressions for Beginners to Learn 

Here are some other expressions for getting to know each other.

  • I/My/Me > Saya
    You/You (several people)/Your > Anda
    He/She/Him/Her > Dia
    We > Kita (includes the person you are speaking to), Kami (does not include the person you are speaking to)
    They/Their/Them > Mereka
  • Nice to meet you > Senang berjumpa anda
  • How are you? > Apa kabar ?
    Very well, thank you > Kabar baik
  • What is your name? > Siapa nama anda?
    My name is _____. > Nama saya ____
  • How old are you? > Umur anda berapa ?
    I am____. / I am_____ years old > Umur saya _____ tahun
    I am 30 / I am 30 years old > Umur saya tiga puluh tahun.
  • Where are you going? > Mau ke mana?
    To the hotel > Ke hotel
    To the beach > Ke pantai
  • Where are you from? > Dari mana?
  • Yes / No > Ya / Tidak (also serves for the negation of verbs and adjectives)
  • Well, good > Bagus
  • Happy celebrations! > Selamat pesta
  • Do you speak Indonesian? > Sudah bisa bahasa indonesia?
    Only a little (bit) > Bisa sedikit saja

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More Indonesian Useful Expressions

Next, here are expressions for solving problems and misunderstandings

  • I am sorry > Mohon maaf
  • Prohibited > Dilarang
  • Help! > Tolong!
  • I do not understand > Saya tidak mengerti
  • I am not interested > Saya tidak tertarik
  • Where is the toilet? > Di mana kamar kecil?
  • I need a doctor! > Saya perlu seorang dokter!
  • I am lost > Saya tersasar
    Where am I? > Dimana Saya ?
  • Where is the _______street? > Dimana jalan _______?
    Where is the _______hotel? > Dimana hotel _______?
    Where is the _______ restaurant? > Dimana restoran _______ ?
  • I have lost my bag > Saya kehilangan tas
    I have lost my wallet > Saya kehilangan dompet
    I have lost my passport > Saya kehilangan kertas 

Indonesian Useful Expressions of Days and Months

  • Monday > Senin
    Tuesday > Selasa
    Wednesday > Rabu
    Thursday > Kamis
    Friday > Jum’at
    Saturday > Sabtu
    Sunday > Minggu
  • Today > Hari ini
    Tomorrow > Besok
    This week > Minggu ini, Pekan ini
    Next week > Minggu depan, Pekan depan
  • January > Januari
    February > Februari
    March > Maret
    April > April
    May > Mei
    June > Juni
    July > Juli
    August > Agustus
    September > September
    October > Oktober
    November > November
    December > Desember

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Indonesian Useful Expressions and Common Words 

Here are some more short expressions and words in Indonesian to describe something.

Good Bagus / Baik
Bad Jelek / Buruk
So-so (or: not bad not good) Lumayan
Big Besar
Small Kecil
Today Hari ini
Now Sekarang
Tomorrow Besok
Yesterday Kemarin
Yes Ya
No Tidak
Fast Cepat / Kencang
Slow Lambat
Hot Panas
Cold Dingin
This Ini
That Itu
Here Di sini
There Di situ
Me (ie. Who did this? – Me) Saya / Aku
You Anda / Kamu / Kau / Engkau
Him Dia
Her Dia
Us Kami / Kita
Them Mereka
Really? Masa? / Sungguh?
Look! Lihat!
What? Apa?
Where? Di mana?
Who? Siapa?
How? Bagaimana?
When? Kapan?
Why? Mengapa
Zero Nol
One Satu
Two Dua
Three Tiga
Four Empat
Five Lima
Six Enam
Seven Tujuh
Eight Delapan
Nine Sembilan
Ten Sepuluh

Here are some phrases you can use to express your opinions about an unpleasant matter politely.

This is nonsense! (or: this is craziness) Ini tidak masuk akal!
My God! (to show amazement) Oh Tuhan!
Oh gosh! (when making a mistake) Oh tidak!
It sucks! (or: this is not good) Ini menyebalkan!
What’s wrong with you? Ada apa denganmu?
Are you crazy? Apa kamu gila?
Get lost! (or: go away!) Pergi!
Leave me alone! Tinggalkan saya sendiri!
I’m not interested! Saya tidak tertarik!

Here are some useful expressions for daily conversations.

What time is it? Jam berapa sekarang?
It’s 3 o’clock Jam 3
Give me this! Berikan aku ini!
Are you sure? Anda yakin?
Take this! (when giving something) Ambil ini!
It’s freezing (weather) Dingin sekali
It’s cold (weather) Udaranya dingin
It’s hot (weather) Udaranya panas
Do you like it? Apakah Anda suka?
I really like it! Saya suka sekali!
I’m hungry Saya lapar
I’m thirsty Saya haus
He is funny Dia lucu
In The Morning Di pagi hari
In the evening Di sore hari
At Night Di malam hari
Hurry up! Cepat!

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Good luck learning these new expressions!