Learn Indonesian Months and Days with Examples

Have you learned about Indonesian days of the week? On this post, we are going to discuss the extensive context of months and days. Learning months and days is crucial when learning Bahasa Indonesia because it is mostly used in common conversation. Here let’s learn about Indonesian months and days.

Months in Indonesian 

Months in Indonesia is not quite difference from English. Even some words are quite similar to English but different in pronunciation. If you have not learn the proper Indonesian pronunciation, make sure to check my other post about Indonesian alphabets. The month from September to Desember is written similar to English but pronounce in clear ‘r’. Overall, months in Indonesia is pronounced as it is written.

Indonesia English
Januari January
Februari February
Maret March
April April
Mei May
Juni June
Juli July
Agustus August
September (with clear ‘r’) September
Oktober (with clear ‘r’) October
November (with clear ‘r’) November
Desember (with clear ‘r’) December

Learn more about Indonesian months and days here.

Days in Indonesian 

Learning words of days in Indonesia is important because it is used as time markers in conversation. As you know bahasa Indonesia does not have complex grammatical rules for time changes, so, days and months is used to indicate time.

Indonesia English
Senin Monday
Selasa Tuesday
Rabu Wednesday
Kamis Thursday
Jumat Friday
Sabtu Saturday
Minggu Sunday

Take a look at below example.

  • Saya masuk sekolah besok – I go to school tomorrow
  • Saya masuk sekolah kemarin – I go to school yesterday
  • Saya masuk sekolah pada hari Senin – I go to school on Monday
  • Saya akan ke Bali pada bulan Juni – I am going to Bali on June.
  • Saya akan kuliah tahun ini – I am going to go to college this year.

From the above example, you can see that there is no verb changes, as in English, for time changes. However, the time marker such as besok, kemarin, and Senin is used to indicate if an event happens in different time.


Words Related to Days and Months

Besides learning Indonesian words for days and months, it is also required to learn the words related to it. These words are important in every Indonesian common conversation because it serves as time indicators.

  • Hari kemerdekaan – independence day
  • Hari libur nasional – national holiday
  • Hari ulang tahun – birthday
  • Hari Natal – Christmas
  • Tahun baru – new year
  • Tahun kabisat – leap year
  • Tanggal – date
  • Penanggalan, kalender – calendar
  • Bulan – month (Bulan is also has the same meaning as ‘moon’)
  • Hari – day
  • Minggu – week
  • Akhir minggu – weekend
  • Akhir bulan – end of the month
  • Akhir tahun – year end
  • Kemarin – yesterday
  • Besok – tomorrow
  • Lusa – the day after tomorrow
  • Hari ini – today

Date writing system in Indonesia is different from English. Indonesians write date with dd/mm/yy format while in English mm/dd/yy format. Bahasa Indonesia is quite a simple language because it has no complex grammatical rules but learning months and days as time marker is basic.