A-Z Indonesian Words You Should Know for Traveling in Bali

Bali is considered the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The city is located in Bali island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and also even has mountain.

This makes the city has many attractive tourist spot and has a nice and cool beaches. Bali is very popular locally and internationally. You will find many natural beauties, cultural heritage, and also the delicious local food.

To help you more comfortable in Bali, here we will give you list of Indonesian words you should know for traveling in Bali. Note that most of people in Bali are Balinese, so the words will be mixed between Indonesian and Balinese.

Indonesian Greetings

  • Apa kabar?

How are you?

  • Kabar baik / saya baik-baik saja

I’m fine

  • Selamat pagi

Good morning

  • Selamat siang

Good afternoon

  • Selamat sore

Good evening

  • Selamat malam

Good night

  • Selamat tinggal / selamat jalan

Good bye

Useful Indonesian Manners/Polite words

  • Terima kasih / makasih

Thank you

  • Sama-sama

You’re welcome

  • Tolong saya

Help me

  • Permisi

Excuse me

  • Maaf

I’m sorry

  • Tidak apa-apa

It’s okay

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Important Balinese Words

  • Pa


  • Me


  • Beli

Older brother

  • m’Bok

Older sister

  • Gus

Younger brother

  • Geg

Younger sister

  • Sukseme

Thank you

  • Mowowli

You’re welcome

  • Nggih


  • Sing ken ken

No problem

Words and Phrases to Use in a Market or Restaurant

  • Ini berapa harganya?

How much is this?

  • Ini terlalu mahal

This is too expensive

  • Boleh kurang gak harganya?

Can I get it for less?

  • Saya mau pesan

I want to order

  • Is it spicy?

Apakah makanan ini pedas?

  • Jangan terlalu pedas

Don’t make it too spicy

  • Makanan ini enak

This is delicious

List of Balinese traditional Foods

  • Kopi bali (Balinese coffee)
  • Brem (Balinese alcoholic beverage, rice wine)
  • Babi guling (roasted suckling pig)
  • Ayam Betutu/Bebek betutu (steamed or roasted chicken or duck with seasoning)
  • Bubur sumsum (rice porridge with palm sugar sauce and grated coconut)
  • Bubur injun (black sticky rice with coconut milk)
  • Iga babi (pork ribs)
  • Kopi luwak (Coffee made from coffe beans pooped by weasel-like animals or luwak)
  • Lawar (mixed vegetables)
  • Soto babi (Soto with pork meat)
  • Sayur urab (mixed traditional salad)
  • Sate lilit (meat on a stick with some spice)
  • Nasi Bali (rice with various dishes)
  • Bumbu Bali (Balinese spice, usually mixed with other dishes)

Beside beautiful scenery, Bali also has various traditional foods and snacks. Traveling will never complete without trying the local cuisine. Below we will give you list of Balinese traditional foods that you definitely should try

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That’s all the explanation about Indonesian words you should know for traveling in Bali. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Bandung. Thank you for reading.