What is The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century?

Education seems to be one of the important ways to shape human mindset. The education becomes the mandatory thing in a country. Some countries has owned their best education system, one of them is Finland. Education is run by its different systems in different countries. The education systems will be upgraded especially when the world has entered the 21st Century.

In relations to the education system, as the big country, Indonesia has also its own education systems. The education system that is running relates to the 2013 curriculum, which is used in Indonesia. Indonesia education system has to be ideal and connected to the needs in the 21st Century era. Therefore, what is the ideal Indonesian education system to prepare for the 21st century?

The Ideal Education System

Some experts try to find the best education system for all students. The education system is sometimes thought to be the system which give the students the good process in order to earn the good result. The process isn’t only about the learning of the subject itself, but also how the students can learn some things including the characters, and the lessons of the daily life.

The education system also relates to how the students are able to study in less time but earn important knowledge of the subject. The ideal education system is also evaluated by its implementation results towards the teacher and the students. The education system has to comprehend the understanding from the students relate to the technology usage, shape the good character of the students, and relates to the practical of the real life.


The Ideal Indonesian Education System to Prepare for the 21st Century

  1. Less time of studying

The ideal education which has to be applied in Indonesia is the less time of studying. The 21st century education systems use more technology approach or strategy in order to help teacher and students to run the class.

The usage of technology help them to reduce the time of studying because one subject to be taught, the rest will be the practical and part of students activities. In fact, there has been some online classes in some countries which means that the students or teacher don’t have to be at the same class or place and it will reduce the time of studying.

  1. Less Homework

As the update news nowadays about education, the Finland education system is famous with its less homework and it is believed what the Indonesian education system needs to be applied.

Indonesian students get lots homework and it is believed that giving homework to students could be the way for applying practical approach of the subject. Many homework and long hours of school make Indonesian students feel quite tired when they arrive home in the afternoon. 

  1. Teaching and Learning on the Focus of Giving the Critical Ways of Thinking on the Materials

The teacher inside the class must give theory and practical approaches in order to deliver the materials of the subjects. Despite of theory and practical approach have been applied, the needs of the implementation of critical thinking and problem solving from the students are still important.

The implementation of critical thinking and problem solving are very important when the students have graduated from the school to be applied on their daily work or activities. The students do not only get what are the meanings or purposes of the lessons, but also get the advantage of getting critical thinking and how to solve a problem from the practical study.

Those are the ideal Indonesian education system to prepare for the 21st Century. There are still some ideal systems which are made and have to be made by Indonesian government. The teachers need to give some different ways of study or system inside the class. The students need to be more active and use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to finish problems of a lesson.