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Example of Conversation with Taxi Driver in Bali and The Explanation

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When you are having a vacation in Bali, there is a high chance that you will have to use taxi as a transportation service. Well, sometimes, you will have to be in a taxi for a while before you get to the destination you want. So, it would be awkward if you spend all the time being silence.


Here is an example of conversation with taxi driver in Bali for you to practice in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. The A is a taxi service provider and B is the customer.

Conversation about Ordering Taxi by Phone

A: Selamat sore, dengan Taxi Blue Chick.    

Good evening, with Blue Chick Taxi.

B: Selamat sore, saya sedang membutuhkan taxi.     

Good evening, I need a taxi.

A: Baik, pak. Kami akan segera kirim taxi ke lokasi Anda.  

Alright, sir. We will send a taxi to your location right away.

B: Terimakasih. Saya sudah didepan Hotel Sanjaya.

Thank you. I am already at the front of Sanjaya Hotel.

A: Harap ditunggu. Taxi terdekat akan datang dalam 5 menit.        

Please wait. The closest taxi will come in 5 minutes.

B: Baik. Akan saya tunggu.   

Okay. I will wait.

Conversation on the Way in Taxi

A: Terimakasih sudah menunggu. Tujuannya mau kemana? 

Thank you for waiting. Where is your destination?

B: Anda lekas datang. Tolong antar ke Ubud. Terimakasih.

You come fast. To Ubud please. Thank you.

A: Baik, pak. Kita mungkin akan sampai dalam 30 menit.

Alright, sir. We might get there in 30 minutes.

B: Oh benarkan? Biasanya cuma butuh waktu 10 menit.

Oh really? It usually took only 10 minutes

A: Saya takut sepertinya butuh waktu lebih karena macet.

I am afraid that it takes longer due to the traffic.

B: Oh baiklah. Mungkin bisa ambil jalur memutar untuk menghindari macet. Saya juga perlu ke ATM di dekat pasar.

Oh alright. Maybe you can take the detour line to avoid traffic. I also need to use the ATM near the market

A: Tentu jika Anda mau.

Sure do if you want.

B: Terimakasih.

Thank you.

A: You are welcome.


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Conversation at the End of the Trip

A: Kita sudah sampai di Ubud, pak.

 We have arrived at Ubud, sir.

B: Terimakasih. Berapa totalnya?

Thank you. How much is it?

A: 200.000 rupiah.

It is 200.000 rupiah.

B: Apakah Anda menerima kartu kredit?

Do you take credit card?

A: Maaf, kami tidak menerima kartu kredit.

Truly sorry, but we do not take credit cards.

B: Baiklah, saya bayar dengan tunai. Ini uangnya pak.

Alright, I pay with cash. Here is the money.

A: Baik, pak. Terimakasih. Semoga hari Anda menyenangkan.

Okay, sir. Thank you very much. Hope you a good day.

B: Terimakasih. Anda juga.

Thank you. Hope you too.

That is an example of conversation with taxi driver in Bali. Since it is just a conversation sample, you can always improvise it to suit with your understanding in using Bahasa Indonesia, as well as, your needing in using the taxi service. Hope you the best vacation in Bali.

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