4 Strategies to Learn Indonesian Language through English

Perhaps learning Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia was never included in the list. But for some reasons, you have to learn the language no matter what. Well, Indonesian language is considered an easy language to learn. There should be no difficulties to learn the language as long as you have interest in learning. Learn more about talk in Indonesian like a pro.

Even though learning the language is easy, but you still need a good strategy in case you find some difficulties down the road. Below is some strategy to learn Indonesian language through English.

1. Learn the pronunciation

When learning Bahasa Indonesia, the very first important thing is not learn the proper pronunciation. Even though the language uses the same Latin alphabets, but the pronunciation is quite different from English. The key to learn Indonesian pronunciation is not to muss one letter.

Similar to Portuguese and Latin, Bahasa Indonesia is pronounced the way it is spelled. Check out to learn more about Indonesian alphabets and pronunciation.

2. Watch Indonesian movies

To help you familiar with Indonesian pronunciation, watch plenty of Indonesian movies. Most of Indonesian movies, not the one aired on TV, include English subtitle. You can learn words per words pronunciation through movies as well as understand the meaning.

For foreign people, spoken Indonesian can be fast as well as different from formal Indonesian that you mostly learn from textbook or class. This is because most people use informal language when communicate in daily life. Watch Indonesian movies can help you to train your ear to listen common Indonesian words. Check out Indonesian words to learn.

3. Get Indonesian-English dictionary

What’s more strategy to learn Indonesian language through English? Indonesian- English dictionary is widely available in bookstores online and offline. Owning one dictionary is important when learning Bahasa Indonesian because it helps you understand the meaning of a word. Flipping through the pages is very useful to learn unfamiliar words.

In addition, dictionary also helps you with root words, prefix, suffix, and infix. Compared to online translator which is famous for incorrect translation, learning from dictionary helps you learn Bahasa properly. Learn more about list of Indonesian root words.

4. Get a pen pal

I know pen pal is less famous these days because most people prefer social media. But, when learning Bahasa Indonesia having a pen pal who speak the language is very helpful. You can communicate with him/her in Bahasa and levitate you Indonesian comprehension.

You can also ask them to make assessment of your understanding. If having pen pal is not possible, you can also join group of fellow expats to help practice your Bahasa. Learn more about bargaining words in Indonesia.

Even though there are lots of Indonesians who speaks conversational English, but local people will appreciate your effort to learn the language. Moreover, speaking in Indonesian is also very useful for effective daily communication.