Metaphor Meaning in Indonesian – Types – Examples

We all know that in English, metaphor is a term we used to call a word or a phrase applied to an object which is actually not applicable. Next, how about metaphor meaning in Indonesian? To know more and read the explanation on metaphor meaning in Indonesian, read the explanation below.

Metaphor Meaning in Indonesian

Not really different with in English, metaphor means “metafora” in Indonesian. Metaphor or metafora is part of language style in Indonesian literature that has figurative or metaphor meaning  with the base of similarity with other object. In other word, metaphor is not a real meaning, it use comparison with other object.

Metaphor usually used in a writing or literature work to emphasize the meaning of a certain object. The writer can also use metaphor as their own style of writing.

How to Pronounce Metaphor in Indonesian

Pronuncing metaphor in Indonesia is not really difficult. As we all already know, metaphor is “metafora” in Indonesian. You only have to say the word the same way it written. Pronounce metafora as “me-ta-fo-ra”.

  • “e” in “me” is pronounced similar with pronouncing e in “let”
  • “Ta” is pronounced similar with ta in “task”
  • “Fo” is pronounced similar with fo in “for”
  • “Ra” is pronounced similar with pronouncing ru in “rush”

Examples of Metaphor that People Use in Indonesian

Indonesian language has many unique examples of metaphor that you can explore to broaden your knowledge and use it in daily conversation or in your Indonesian writings. Below are several examples of Indonesian metaphor for you:

1. Metaphor in Praesentia

This metaphor has an explicit meaning. Pay attention to the metaphor typed in bold style

Ani adalah kembang desa di daerah asalnya.

Ani is the most beautiful girl in her hometown.

2. Metaphor in Absentia

This metaphor has an implicit meaning.

Mawar desa itu menjadi idaman banyak orang.

That unmarried girl or that beautiful girl is the dream girl for many people.

Now that you know different kinds of metaphor in Indonesian, find the other Indonesian metaphor examples: 

  • Dia hanya menjadi kambing hitam untuk kejahatan orang lain.

He is just the black sheep for other people’s crime.

  • Perilaku anehnya menjadi buah bibir bagi orang-orang di sekitarnya.

Her strange behaviour became the talk of the town.

  • Dia memberi banyak hadiah lucu untuk buah hatinya.

She bought many cute presents for her child.

  • Ternyata dia memiliki keturunan darah biru.

It turns out that her ancestors were nobleman.

  • Karena sering mencuri, dia dianggap sebagai sampah masyarakat di desanya.

Because he often steal other people’s belongings he is considered as a scumbag in his village.

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That’s all the explanation about metaphor meaning in Indonesian. I hope the article will be helpful and can expand your knowledge on Indonesian language.