What Region of Indonesia Has The Best Accent to Learn Bahasa Indonesia?

When you have a passion at Linguistics and you keep wondering which country has the most regional languages in the world? The answer is Papua New Guinea. The first position of the country with the most languages in the world is now occupied by Papua New Guinea with several languages reaching 867 languages, while Indonesia ranks second with a total of 742 languages. Some regional languages in Indonesia are extinct, some are endangered.

The distribution of 742 languages throughout Indonesia seems to be inversely proportional to the number of languages with a population. Java Island with a population of 123 million people has no more than 20 languages.

In contrast, West Papua with a population of only 2 million people has a total of 271 languages. People from around the world, not only come to visit Indonesia for the tour but also to live and to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Studying a new language is better if you learn the accent as well so when you have lived long enough in Indonesia you could become Bahasa Indonesia Native Speaker too.

What region of Indonesia has the best accent to learn Bahasa Indonesia?Thus, here are some regions that have the best Bahasa Indonesia accent:

  1. Jakarta

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has the highest number of population in Indonesia, but it has the best accent of Indonesian language because the local languages such as Betawi has diminished and threatened to be extinct due to English and Bahasa Indonesia. Jakarta would be the really ideal place for you if you wanted to improve your Indonesian accent.

Jakarta also is the region which has the highest economic activity in Indonesia, so Indonesian businessmen or overseas businessmen are using Bahasa Indonesia or English to have a communication and finally arrived at their deal. Courses and Language Center in Universities will help you to get information about Bahasa Indonesia accent or they will help you to practice it and as we know that Indonesian people are famous because of their kindness.

2. Bali

English is additional language and the most popular foreign language so far besides Bahasa Indonesia and the local language. Due to tourism needs, many local people can practice English to foreign visitors but only on a basic level. You will also find so many people who could speak English very well.

Although every Balinese speaks the language of his mother island, Indonesia is the most common language -, especially in the tourism sector. Because many Javanese and Indonesians from other islands have entered the tourism sector and live and work here, Indonesian is the language you hear most on the road.

Here are more to learn: 

Indonesian, which is very close to Malay, is also taught in schools and is the language used in all government offices. It is rather easy to learn languages that unite all Indonesians spread across this vast archipelago with more than 13,000 islands and hundreds of different cultures, and more than 350 different languages and dialects.

There are several different traditional Balinese languages, and there are various ways of communicating between castes and clan members. But most Balinese these days use more choices to be made: “modern Bali”; some rules about how to communicate between castes are ignored or changed. Kawi and especially Sanskrit are also often used by some Hindu priests.