A-Z Portuguese Words in Indonesian Language (Loanwords)

Bahasa Indonesia has influenced from numbers of languages such as Malay, Latin, English, Dutch, Sanskrit, and also Portuguese. The Portuguese language was used to trade throughout the archipelago from sixteenth century to early nineteen century. The Portuguese were one of westerners who sailed to Indonesia for spices.  It is also recorded in Indonesian history that the Portuguese may have colonialized Indonesia for a short time before the Dutch colonialism.


Due to the long history of the two countries, like it or not, Portuguese language do have a place in Bahasa Indonesia. Even most Indonesian do not actually realize that lots of common words are originated from Portuguese for example jendela, bendera, bola, bantal, and much more.

Portuguese Words in Indonesian Language

If you are wondering to what extent the loan words from Portugal enrich Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary, here are the list.  Also learn Indonesian root words.

Indonesia Portuguese English
Akta Acta Law act
Armada Armada Fleet
Algojo Algoz Executioner
Bangku Banco Bench, chair
Bantal Avental Pillow
Belanda Holanda Holland, Dutch
Baret Barette Barette
Bendera Bandeira Flag
Beranda Veranda Verandah
Bola Bola Ball
Biola Viola Violin
Bolu (kue) Balo A kind of pound cake
Boneka Boneca Doll
Cerutu Charuto Cigar
Dansa Dança Dance
Dadu Dado Dice
Frambus Framboesa Raspberry
Gagu Gago Stutter
Ganco Gancho Hook
Gereja Igreja Church
Garpu Garfo Fork
Gratis Free things Gratis
Gardu Guarga Watch post
Gubernur Governador Governor
Jendela Janela Window
Kaldu Caldo Broth
Kantin Cantina Canteen
Kanal Canal Channel
Keju Queijo Cheese
Kemeja Camisa Shirt
Kereta Carrreta Cart/chariot
Kertas Cartas Paper
Kredo Credo Creed
Lemari Armărio Closet
Lelang Leilão Auction
Mentega Manteiga Butter
Meja Mesa Table
Misa Missa Mass
Minggu Domingo Sunday
Mitos Mitos Myth
Natal Natal Christmas
Nanas Ananas Pineapple
Nona Dona Young lady
Noda Nodoa Stain
Nyonya Donha Lady
Pasta Pasta Paste
Pesta Festa Party
Pesiar Passear Excursion, cruise
Pita Fita Ribbon
Pigura Figura Picture frame
Pompa Bomba hidráulica Pump
Roda Roda Wheel
Santo Santo Saint
Saku Saco Pocket
Sepatu Sapato Shoe
Sekolah Escola School
Serdadu Soldado Soldier
Tenda Tenda Tent
Tempo Tempo Time
Terigu Trigo Flour
Tolol Tolo Fool
Tinta Tinta Ink
Tukar Trocar Exchange
Topik Tópico Topic

It is indeed surprising that lots of Indonesian words are actually originated from the Portuguese exactly in the same form or with small adjustment. You may have used those words for everyday conversation without you even knowing the origin. Well, now that you do know the origin of the words, it surely increases your vocabulary. Also Learn Indonesian words similar to English.

Any language in the world should adapt and borrow from other language to enrich its vocabularies. Bahasa Indonesia can be considered as a rich vocabulary language because it has many influences from other languages. The loan words are then adjust to Indonesian dialect, so, the people will easily pronounce it. Also learn Indonesian words with no equivalent to English. Thus, may the article about Portuguese words in Indonesian language will help you learn well and speak Indonesian fluently.