What Does Indonesian English Accent Sound Like? How to Pronounce Bahasa Words

As English is now widely spoken globally, other parts of the world outside the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, try to learn and speak English. English is an Indonesian second language and most of them usually train to speak like native speakers, either American English or British English, even with their broken English. But there […]

How to Pronounce “J” in Indonesian – Learn Alphabets in Bahasa Indonesia

Hi everybody! Today I’ll give you about “how to pronounce ‘J’ in Indonesian”. Indonesian is a linguistically diverse region where the Indonesian language acts as a lingua franca, even though there are more native speakers of Javanese. During the time Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the Latin alphabet was introduced to write Indonesian and a […]

Indonesian Alphabet Pronunciation – Exercises

Hello. Selamat datang! Without a doubt, Indonesian Alphabets is one of the very first and basic thing to learn when we talked about Bahasa Indonesia. Although the formation of the alphabet has no different with English, there is a slight difference with the pronunciation (Check also Indonesian Words Pronunciation). This happened because Bahasa Indonesia has […]

Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words

Good day and thank you for stopping by MasteringBahasa! How far have you learned Indonesian language up until now? Have you learned about how to introduce yourself in Indonesian and practised some Indonesian conversdation phrases? Learn Indonesian Pronunciation of Basic Words You also need to learn about Indonesian pronunciation as the way words are pronounced […]

A-Z Indonesian Words Pronunciation – Complete Guide

Hi! Are you ready to learn more Indonesian words today? Being familiar with common Indonesian words  is not enough, you also need to master how to pronounce these words the right way. Before we dive more into Indonesian pronunciation, you might want to check out about Indonesian alphabets – vowels and pronunciation. The Indonesian language […]

26 Indonesian Words in Alphabetical Order

Indonesia is a country that consists of many different islands with many languages, however with all those differences, Bahasa Indonesia is chosen as the official language in this country. Bahasa Indonesia is a relatively easy language to learn if you are dedicated to work hard and practice a lot (check out how long it takes […]

Learning Indonesian Alphabets Easy and Fast

Indonesia is a unique language with characteristics of Indonesian language. With how many languages are there in Indonesia languages existing in the Indonesian archipelago, Indonesian is the official language chosen for this nation. You might have read or learned that Indonesia used to be under Dutch colonization. During those times, the Latin alphabet which was already used […]

How to Pronounce Indonesian Words – Types

So, you have learned how to pronounce Indonesian alphabets and now moving on to pronounce Indonesian words. You may be asking How to Pronounce Indonesian Names? In general, Indonesian words pronunciation is not very difficult because it is spoken exactly as it is written. However, because English and Indonesian alphabets have a different way of pronunciation, there […]

How to Pronounce Indonesian Names – Structures

As you have learned how to pronounce Indonesian alphabets, the next step is learning to pronounce Indonesian names. It is important to note that Indonesian names are completely different from western naming standard. In general, Indonesians only use one name or mononymic name, two names without a family name or polynymic, and polynymic with the […]

Indonesian Language Pronunciation Guide

What is The Indonesian Alphabet? The Indonesian alphabet and language has gone through some changes in the last few years. In 1972, the government made changes on the spelling system due to some reasons. The changes, however, is made to make the language easier to learn and spell. Nowadays, how to talk with Indonesian is […]