How to Say Expensive in Indonesian and Clear Examples

Indonesia becomes the country which has 34 provinces with their unique and unforgettable cultures and variant languages. The languages from all provinces are also the assimilation from other languages of other countries. As Indonesia becomes the country of variant languages, it has the official language named Indonesian language or it is called Bahasa. Indonesian language […]

Do Indonesian Words Have Stresses? In Which Syllable of Indonesian Words Can be Found?

World language must have the rule of the requirements of having the words or sentences. People who talk must contain the word or the word can be combined as a sentence. Indonesian language as one of the world language to be spoken in Indonesia also contains words and sentences and how they speak among Indonesian […]

“ke-…-an” Circumfix Functioning as Verb in Indonesian Language – Formula and Examples

Circumfix, or also called ambifix is an affix that has two parts. One part is placed in the start of the word, while the other part is at the end of the word. In English, circumfix is not a common thing. However, circumfix is very common in other language, such as Georgian, Malay, and also […]

123 Indonesian Words Starting with M – Alphabet – Meaning

Mmmmm…. Selamat Datang di! Welcome to! Were you mumbling before ? Or you just thinking ? Well, don’t think too much guys. Enjoy our time and learn Bahasa Indonesia again. We will learn about the easy stuff. Yes, in this time, we only shall increase our Indonesian vocabulary with the words that starting with […]

150 Indonesian Words Starting with K – Alphabet – Meaning

K is the shortest way to answer the message or chat with saying “Okay”. However, in this time, we will talk about the Indonesian words begun with K. For your information, K is the 11th alphabet. Indonesian Words Starting with K Here they are the Indonesian words starting with K. Kabar (Kah-baar) = News / […]

Indonesian Word Order – Formula – Examples

Let’s face it, you have mastered Indonesian alphabets pronunciation and some vocabularies, but the fundamental element when learning a language is getting a solid grip in the grammar. Bahasa Indonesia is known as one of the easy languages to learn because the grammar is not as complex as in English. Even though the grammar is […]

Indonesian Prefix di- (Formula and Example)

Prefix plays important role in Bahasa Indonesia as it forms most of the words. Indonesian root words are mostly combined with prefix to create different meaning. Some people think that the use of prefix, suffix, and infix can be quite tricky. However, if you have better understanding of the words, there should be no problem. […]

Learn Indonesian me- Prefix (Formula and Examples)

Bahasa Indonesia uses prefix, affix, and infixes to form verbs. It is used in nouns, numbers, and even verbs to create new meaning. Prefix me- is mostly used to form active verbs. Indonesian me- Prefix Formula The use of prefix me- may make minor changes to the spelling or infliction to create smooth pronunciation transition. […]

Indonesian Prefix Pe- (Formula and Examples)

Indonesian words are mostly formed with combination of root words, prefix, suffix, affix, and infix. The addition of prefix to root word may create a new word with different meaning. Indonesian Prefix Pe- In this post we are going to discuss about the use of prefix pe-. Also learn more about Indonesian root words before […]

+100 List of Indonesian Root Words and Meaning

Most of Indonesian words consist of root words and additional prefix, suffix, infixes, or combination of the three. The additional suffix, prefix, and infixes create new meaning which sometimes different from the root words. Indonesian root words are originated from Melayu language, Arab, Dutch, and also some English words. List of Indonesian Root Words Take […]