How Many Languages Do Indonesians Speak?

Most of Indonesian people can speak more than one language. Most of them understand and can speak in Bahasa Indonesia, one of Indonesian local language based on their location, and even they also can speak English. To know more about how many languages do Indonesians speak, read the complete explanation below. A Brief History of […]

How Do Native Indonesians Think of Chinese Indonesians?

Since centuries ago, many people from around the world see Indonesia as a prospective country for business and trading. Chinese people also known as people that like to go anywhere to sell things. Indonesia was one of the countries that visited by many Chinese. Chinese people have come and lived in Indonesia since 13th century. […]

Why Don’t Many Indonesians Speak Dutch?

Long time ago, for around 3.5 centuries from around 1600 until around 1900 Indonesian was colonized by the Dutch. 3.5 centuries is a very long time. During the time, many of Indonesians interact and meet Dutch people. However, nowadays, we can’t easily find Indonesian people, even the elder that can speak Dutch fluently. In addition, […]