3 Types of Indonesian Verb Phrase with Examples

As stated in many other articles, to form a sentence you should put at least two components which are subject and verb. In Indonesian, the two main components are Subjek and Predikat. This predikat is consisted by Indonesian verbs. So it is basically the same. Predikat could be formed by a single verb, or a […]

Learning Indonesian Prefix Ber- with Examples and Excercises

Several words in Indonesian are constructed by adding one or some other language items into the root words. This term is called by affixes. In Indonesian, as stated in another article, there are three types of affixes. They are Indonesian prefix table an (add on in the beginning of a word), Indonesian infixex (add on […]

4 Types of Indonesian Noun Phrase Structure with Examples

The core components of a sentence are noun and verbs. In Indonesian, nouns are called by nomina or kata benda, and verbs are called by verba or kata kerja. As stated in Indonesian sentence types, the minimum requirements of Indonesian sentence are subjek and predikat. What forms a subject is a single word, a phrase, […]

Learn Indonesian Personal Pronoun with Examples

Sometimes someone will get tired by keep hearing another person uttering a name in every sentence. There is a way to convey that the actor of an action is still the same as the previous sentence. This could help shorten the length of a sentence and make you look smarter. So, how to convey an […]

Learn Indonesian Active and Passive Sentence with Examples

English have two types of sentence if being overlooked based on the subject. They are active voice and passive voice. Active voice is where the subject of the sentence does an action to the object of the sentence. On the other hand, a passive voice is where the positions of subject and object are being […]

5 Indonesian Sentence Structures with Examples

A full sentence could be formed by independent words, phrases, or clauses. However, the location of these components plays a vital role in eligibility of a sentence. Therefore, there are several rules in language that could help a sentence to be understood by the reader. In English, there are several items that are considered as […]

Learning Indonesian Infixes with Table and Example

There are four types of affixes in Indonesian unlike English which only have two types of affixes. These four types of affixes are: prefixes, suffixes, confixes and infixes. As in the indonesian prefix table has discussed about the prefixes in Indonesian, this article about Indonesian infixes is going to give you a detailed explanation about […]

Learn Indonesian Reduplication Words – Formula & Examples

In Indonesian, you could find many words that are being repeated twice whether it is partially or fully repeated. This resembles many grammatical functions in Indonesian. This is a common feature that you could find in Indonesian while it’s an alien feature in English. It is called by reduplication. This article will help you learn […]

6 Indonesian Prefix Table and Examples (Fast & Easy)

How do you say “a former president” in English? Some people would answer by “an ex-president”. Let’s breakdown the phrase “an ex-president”. This phrase consists of “an”; “ex”; and “president”. In this phrase, the headword is “president” because it has the most important meaning, “an” is the determiner that convey the number of the noun […]

10 Ways on How to Introduce Yourself in Indonesian

Learning Indonesian is not difficult as it seems. There are many factors why Indonesian is easy to be learned. For instance, unlike English, Indonesian is spoken as the same as the written form. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much on having mispronounced words. Moreover, several expressions in use the exact same word such […]