Selamat Pagi Response in Bahasa Indonesia – Conversation in Bahasa

Selamat Pagi Meaning in Bahasa Indonesia Selamat pagi is one of the most used greetings in Indonesia. If translated to English, “selamat pagi” equals to “good morning”. People use this morning as a greetings for people, formal or informal in the morning. People usually use this greetings when meeting a person or a group of […]

What language is “Selamat Pagi” and What’s The Meaning?

What language is “Selamat Pagi”? You probably heard someone say it and wondering what does it mean and/or what language does it come from. Usually, if you come to Bali, you might often hear it in the morning. The locals will say, “Selamat Pagi”. Visited by a lot of tourists, you might guess that “Selamat […]