What language is “Selamat Pagi” and What’s The Meaning?

What language is “Selamat Pagi”? You probably heard someone say it and wondering what does it mean and/or what language does it come from. Usually, if you come to Bali, you might often hear it in the morning. The locals will say, “Selamat Pagi”. Visited by a lot of tourists, you might guess that “Selamat […]

How to Say Good Morning in Indonesian Language

Welcome back! Ready for new lesson? Have you known that Indonesia has Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners and Sacred Communication Etiquette ? If yes, I think you understand that greetings have important part in Indonesian communication. Of course, it is essential to deliver yourself with good impression to someone new. How to Say Good Morning in […]

Good Morning Greetings in Indonesia – Meaning and Examples

Hi! Apa kabar? How are you? After learning about How to Say Good Afternoon, Learn How to Say Good Evening, and How to Say Goodnight in Indonesian, we finally arrived at another  Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners, which is how to say ‘Good Morning’ Greetings in Indonesia. Learn How to Say Good Morning Greetings in Indonesia  For your […]