What language is “Selamat Pagi” and What’s The Meaning?

What language is “Selamat Pagi”? You probably heard someone say it and wondering what does it mean and/or what language does it come from.

Usually, if you come to Bali, you might often hear it in the morning. The locals will say, “Selamat Pagi”.

Visited by a lot of tourists, you might guess that “Selamat Pagi” is a common greeting that Balinese says to the tourists, but what language is it?

Balinese are Indonesian. “Selamat Pagi” is a greeting from Bahasa Indonesia, which means “Good Morning”.

If “Good Morning” means a greeting to wish someone has a good morning, then does “Selamat Pagi” have the same meaning?

The word “Selamat” in Bahasa Indonesia means safe. For example, you were once in a danger, but now you are saved.

The word “pagi” means morning. If you combine these two words, it might be weird for you. But actually, its meaning is really good.

To say “Selamat Pagi” means that:

  1. You are thankful that you are safe, alive and healthy this morning so that you can say, “Selamat Pagi”.
  2. You wish someone you greet is safe, alive and healthy this morning.

You might want to know how to say “Selamat Pagi” in Bahasa Indonesia.

Can we shorten the greetings by saying “Pagi” only, likes the way we say, “Morning”?

Many people shorten the greeting by saying “Morning” rather than “Good Morning”. In Indonesia, the same condition applied. You can say “Pagi” rather than “Selamat Pagi”.

To say “Pagi” only sounds more casual than “Selamat Pagi”. Therefore, it’s best to use it in casual conversation with our family and friends. If you want to greet someone you respect like your boss, use “Selamat Pagi” (Good Morning).

If I say “Selamat Pagi”, what response would I get?

You will also get the same greeting in return. People will also say, “Selamat Pagi” to you.

As a foreigner, saying “Selamat Pagi” rather than “Good Morning” show to the Indonesians that you:

  • a friendly foreigner;
  • want to be friends with the locals;
  • willing to learn Bahasa Indonesia;
  • do not let any barrier stands between you and the locals;
  • open for a warm conversation and friends.

Indonesians will always be happier to hear “Selamat Pagi” than “Good Morning”. They will be glad to consider you as a friend and give you a hand when you need them.

If you come to Bali or other islands in Indonesia, make sure you say, “Selamat Pagi” with a wide smile to the locals. Then, you can enjoy a safe morning, despite any situation you might have.

Since you already know that “Selamat Pagi” is “Good Morning” in Bahasa Indonesia, you might want to know:

Now you know what language “Selamat Pagi” is.