The Explanation about Why Does Tagalog Sound Like Indonesian

Hi there! Welcome, to the next lesson of Bahasa Indonesia. Today we will learn something that is a very interesting topic. It is about Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia. Are there any similarities between Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia? Why does Tagalog sound like Indonesia? Before we will discuss it, let’s we previous what we already learn […]

Is Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia Similar? Learn The Differences Here!

Hi good people! How are you today? I hope you all doing good! Today, we’re gonna explore a comparison between Bahasa Indonesia and its neighborhood country which is Philippine. Philippine is a Southeast Asian country located in the western Pacific. Just as Indonesia, Philippine is an archipelago country, comprising more than 7.000 island. Its capital […]

10 Indonesian Words Similar to Tagalog – The Lexical

Indonesia and The Philippines are both Southeast Asian countries consisting of many different islands. Indonesians and Filipinos both speak very diverse languages (how many languages are there in Indonesia?), but most of them are from the Austronesian family language, a language group widely spoken among Southease Asians. The Indonesians have Bahasa Indonesia as their official […]