What Are Bahasa Indonesia Books and Films Would You Recommend to Someone Learning the Language?

In the previous articles, we have already described about what are some fun topics and books for learning Bahasa Indonesia. Please refer to our previous article. In today’s article we would like to take you into books and film. Books or films is undoubtedly fun way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginners. What are the best books and films to learn Bahasa Indonesia? Check on them below.

What Are Bahasa Indonesia Books and Films Would You Recommend to Someone Learning the Language?

What Are Bahasa Indonesia Books and Films Would You Recommend to Someone Learning the Language?

Books and films are very diverse depend on the genre. Which one do you like the most? Is it horror? Romance? Thriller? Or even comedy? We would like to recommend you the fun as well as educational contents that are safe and easy to understand.

  1. Books

We actually have published article related to the best books to learn bahasa Indonesia. Please check the what are some great books for learning Bahasa Indonesia.

  1. Films

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  • Cartoons/animations are somehow the best content to grasp the message that creator wanted to deliver to audiences. Cartoons are packed in fun and educational way for audiences. The vocabularies spoken are safe for both adults and toddlers. We recommend you to try watching “Keluarga Somat”. It is Indonesian animation delivered in bahasa Indonesia.

Another good animation is “Adit, Sopo & Jarwo”. It is best to learn bahasa Indonesia as well as the culture since this animation tells us daily life of Indonesian society. First aired in January 2014, this animation successfully gained attention from Indonesian families, especially kids.

Produced by MD Animation, this serial is aired only for 5-8 minutes. However, this animation serial won an award as children’s number 1 favourite from Panasonic Gobel Awards in 2018.

Keluarga Somat tells us a story about the importance of family and how to treat all family members well. Produced by Dreamtoon Animation Studios, this animation has 511 episodes and taught us the meaning of life as well as the simplicity to live your life. First aired in June 2013, Keluarga Somat was nominated as number 1 favourite animation at Panasonic Gobel Awards.

  • Situational comedies. Cartoons are safe for kids but somehow adults are getting bored with cartoons. Why not to try situational comedies (sitcoms). Recently, TV station are airing more entertaining sitcoms in order to gain audiences who got bored with opera soap that do not make sense.

Kelas Internasional – Situational Comedy

Kelas Internasional is Indonesian sitcom based on the 1977-1979 British sitcom Mind Your Language. It tells stories about a school teacher who works at an international school in Jakarta. He teaches a class that consist of students from various countries. It has been aired in three seasons, everyday at 5:00 P.M.

Tetangga Masa Gitu – TV Series

Tetangga Masa Gitu (TMG) (literally translated into English: What an Annoying Neighbour!) is Indonesian sitcom produced by Imagine Films and NET Entertainment. This sitcom is first aired in March 2014 in one private TV station in Indonesia, NET (News and Entertainment TV).

It tells about daily life story of two married couple who live in the same block and are neighbors. The first couple, Angela has been married to Adi  for ten years. Thus, the two becomes a symbol of ‘realistic marriage life’. Whereas the second couple, Bastian and Bintang have married for two years. Their daily life is still full of romantic scene compared to Angel and Adi. Yes, this serial compares two marriage life of Angela-Adi and Bastian-Bintang.

Despite running only for 30 minutes, this serial shows many thing. From daily problems they encounter in life to gender and equality matters in marriage. We strongly recommend you to watch this serial.

Which one is your favourite? We believe that you can learn bahasa Indonesia easily through TV programs we mentioned above. Happy learning!