What Are Some Great Books for Learning Bahasa Indonesia Formally and Professionally?

There are many ways to learn foreign languages. Some people may feel comfortable to learn through games or movies, but some feel easier to understand the lessons from books. Learning through movies or games will sharpen your listening as well as reading comprehension. [Also read: Fun Ways to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners].

However, to be able to proficiently write, you need correct and perfect grammar. You can learn grammar lesson through textbooks. If you are currently learning Bahasa Indonesia, here are some best textbooks that will upgrade your grammar skill in Bahasa Indonesia. [Also read: Do You Think Indonesian Could Become An ASEAN Language? Here’s The Explanation]

  • Bahasa Indonesia Untuk Penutur Asing by BIPA Team, Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia.

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This book is published by Ministry of Education and Culture itself. It is available in various levels, from beginner to advance. Published in 2008, this book provides lessons with easy and fun content. You might want to get the e-book right away, since it is available in digital version as well.

  • Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing by Liliana Muliastuti

This book is written by an expert in bahasa Indonesia. Published by Yayasan Obor Indonesia in 2017, this book becomes the newest source for many bahasa Indonesia learner. Unfortunately, this book is not available in digital version, you can only get the hardcopy. It costs around IDR 90.000. Take a look at the cover, so you will not mistakenly grab another one. 

  • Understanding Indonesian Grammar by James Neil Sneddon

The two previous books that we have recommended to you are written in bahasa, actually. Thus, this third book we will recommend, is written in English. Sneddon wrote this book in more solemn way and deepen to the grammar. Prefix, suffix, noun phrases, adjective phrases, all profound things about grammar are provided well. 

  • Learn Indonesian Language Phrase Book: Common Practical Phrases and Grammar Guide to Speak Good Bahasa Indonesia Easily and Effectively by Haneef Khee Abdullah

This book is kind of special. Because this book is more than just a handy Indonesian phrasebook that provides you cultural and geographical information which are shown in colorful pictures. 

Aside from grammar, Abdullah put in more than 100 useful Indonesian words and phrases. As a bonus, there is quick case study section to enhance your learning. This book is published in 2017 and available online. We would like to recommend this book as your ‘must-bring-item’ while traveling in Indonesia or just visiting for business purpose.

  • Indonesian for Beginners by Restiany Achmad

The last one, is from well-known book publisher in Indonesia for language and literature related books. In this book, you can get structured and practical lessons to assist you to understand bahasa Indonesia better.

This book also provides Indonesian grammatical lessons along with samples of useful phrases and daily conversations. This book will definitely be a big help to develop your skills in terms of speaking, reading, listening and writing as a beginner. It is available in affordable price in bookstores throughout Indonesia and also online.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia through textbook allows you to earn more than just learning through movies. It provides you more information with valid data. We best hope you can benefit from above mentioned books. Happy learning!