What Do Malaysians Think of Indonesian Music?

Music can become one of the universal language tools related to the literature of a language. Through music, people can enjoy the melody and learn the language at the same time.

It can be said that all countries must have its own unique or popular music. The music can be used for learning something, sharing some knowledge, and/or only for entertainment.

As all around the world for each country has its own popular music culture, it also exists especially in Indonesia. The Indonesian music can be popular not only in Indonesia but also in other countries, for instance Malaysia.

Malaysia is one of the neighboring countries of Indonesia. Therefore, what do Malaysians think of Indonesian music?

The thought of Malaysian People about Indonesian Music

Indonesian and Malaysian music are almost the same by its melody but it is rarely as same as the lyrics or the words. Both countries produce the music by their characteristics from melody and the lyrics. The singer or the band creates the best music to be known and enjoyed in both countries

In ASEAN itself, there is an award event named Anugerah Planet Muzik for the music which is made in Indonesian or Malay language which can be enjoyed three different ASEAN countries, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It can be seen in the past two years, Indonesian music dominate the winner of the award. It proved that Indonesian music is enjoyed much in those three countries, especially in Malaysia.

However, some of Malaysian people also put the brake on Indonesian music because they think that Indonesian music has had much domination, especially in some Malaysian radios.

There you go:

Some Malaysian people think that the radio in some airing hours plays many Indonesian songs rather than Malaysian songs. They are working on reducing the Indonesian songs playlist in order to appreciate Malaysian songs.

The Strength of Indonesian Music or Songs in Affecting Malaysians’ Thoughts

  1. Indonesian music is Malaysian People favorites

Some Malaysian people claim that Indonesian music can make them dance and have fun. Indonesian music is unique.

Two of Malaysians named Hadi and Zuhaily, in an article merdeka.com claimed that they are the fans of Indonesian music and they state that Indonesian music consists of melody and the lyrics which is easy to understand.

No wonder if Indonesian songs, singers, or bands won many awards categories in Anugerah Planet Muzik. 

  1. Good Promotions and Frequently Concert Event

Indonesian singers or band often have the concert in Malaysia. No wonder, if Indonesian music expands well in Malaysia. Some Malaysian people enjoy the singers or the bands concert from Indonesia.

However, the Malaysian musicians don’t have many schedule for their concerts in Indonesia. Indonesian musicians come frequently to Malaysia and their songs play quite a lot in some Indonesian radios.

There you go:

Indonesian music and musicians has some characteristics to be well-known and enjoyed by some Malaysian people. Therefore, what do some Malaysians think of Indonesian music answer is that some of Malaysian people are also the fans of Indonesian music.

The good promotion and frequently concert there make some Malaysian people know the Indonesian music and musician well.