What Language Do Average Indonesian People Speak? Indonesian or Javanese?

Hello, respectable and good looking pupils. Are you ready to learn more about Indonesian language, culture, people and many more? If you are looking for a way to learn about Indonesian be its language or culture, then you have come to the right place.

So, what will we learn today? Today we will learn about language commonly used in Indonesia. Even though Indonesia has one national language and that is Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia is home to many other languages, in fact, there are more than hundreds of languages in Indonesia, all kind of variations from Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese and many more. What is the common language used in Indonesia then?

In Indonesia, especially in Java island, there is 2 common language used, that is Indonesian and Javanese. Both of them are quite a different language, with a lot of different vocabulary, but similar grammar structure. What language do average Indonesian people speak? Indonesian or Javanese? We will answer this question right away.

What is the most common language? Indonesian or Javanese?

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language of Indonesia and it is used everywhere around this nation from Sumatra island, Borneo, Java, Until Papua. Indonesia is widely used by everyone and it is compulsory to learn Indonesian in school. Javanese however, is the traditional language used by Javanese people.

Javanese used mostly in certain parts of Java island like Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta. It is not much, but considering there are many people who have Javanese ethnicity Javanese spread all around Indonesia a lot.

So, the answer to What language do average Indonesian people speak? Indonesian or Javanese? is Indonesian. Indonesian is widely used by every people in Indonesia, and most of all people know Indonesian.

Javanese is a traditional language of Javanese ethnicity, a certain group of people as a part of Indonesia. If you go to a certain part of Java, you will see that Javanese is used more than Indonesian, but statistically all around Indonesia will mostly use Indonesian as it is everyday language.

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So, in conclusion

When we are talking about Indonesia, we are talking about islands who have huge diversity in culture, language and people. Indonesia has hundreds of language variations, but the national language is only Bahasa Indonesia.

That is why Indonesian is a common tongue all over this country, and every people in Indonesia must know how to speak Indonesia from a child.

Javanese is a traditional language for certain parts of Javanese people. This language itself also has different variations on accents and dialects. It is practiced in many parts of Java island as a common language.

It is part of Java culture and heritage and Indonesia also has other different culture, not just Javanese, as there are many more like Sundanese, Balinese, Borneo culture, Sumatran culture and many more.

No matter how diverse Indonesia is, the common language of Indonesian people is the same and that is Bahasa Indonesia.

So, did we answer you on What language do average Indonesian people speak? Indonesian or Javanese? We hope that you have gained more knowledge about Indonesian culture and learn something useful today.