What Do Malaysians Think of Indonesian Music?

Music can become one of the universal language tools related to the literature of a language. Through music, people can enjoy the melody and learn the language at the same time. It can be said that all countries must have its own unique or popular music. The music can be used for learning something, sharing […]

Is The Indonesian “alay” Slang Word of “lebay” Becoming A Word in Bahasa Malaysia?

Make friends with Indonesian, you might hear “alay” spoken in a conversation. For example, “Jangan jadi alay deg!”. Have you ever hear people mention that? What’s is Alay in Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia? In Malaysia, some Indonesian slang words are being used too. When browsing on the internet. I found that some Malaysia knows the […]

Do Indonesians Understand the Malay Language? Are They Language Sound The Same?

Do Indonesians understand the Malay language? The simplest answer is: Yes, they do. However, the understanding is only to a certain extent. Why is that? Let’s break it down so we can comprehend further about what make it different yet understandable. Historical The first and foremost thing we need to know is that Indonesian and […]

Some Similarities between Malay and Indonesian to Know

For those who have visited Indonesia and Malaysia, the language spoken in those two countries may sound similar. Bahasa Indonesia and Malay are rooted from the same origin language which is Bahasa Melayu. Both Bahasa Indonesian and Bahasa Malaysia are two forms of standardized Bahasa Melayu. Some people even make analogy of those two languages […]

3 Main Differences Between Indonesian and Malaysian Language

Have you ever confused between Bahasa Indonesian and Malaysia (Malay)? If you have, it is very normal, because both derived from same root ancestry (similar to Dutch and German case), which is Malay (Melayu) family language even though they moved on different path. To help you understand differences between Indonesian and Malaysian Language, this article […]