What Does Warung Mean in Bali? The Vocabulary and Examples

Being famous as the archipelago country, Indonesia is rich for the tribes who live all around the island areas. There are 34 provinces which are approved.

Among more than 300 hundreds different tribes from it provinces, Indonesia must have different tribes languages for each tribes. One of the famous provinces and tribes which can attract people all around the world to visit is Bali.

Bali is a province in Indonesia who is rich by its history, culture and language. The language in Bali called Balinese. Balinese can be assimilated by other languages, such as Javanese. However, the Balinese has the same word from Indonesian language named warung.

Warung is a famous place in Indonesia and the place is one of the traditional places. But, what does warung mean in Bali and Indonesia? Here are the meanings.

The meaning of warung in Indonesia

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI: The Big Dictionary of Indonesian Language) there are some meanings of warung in Indonesia.

Warung: a place for selling food / a small shop or restaurant or tenant (noun)

Berwarung: to do selling food in a small shop

The meaning of warung in Bali

Warung: a small restaurant to serve traditional food and have small place to eat on the spot. It is built by wood or bamboo with the roof are made by fiberglass or canvas. It can be a small restaurant which is built by the wall.

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How and when to use warung word

Warung word are often spoken in informal ways or in daily conversation. As warung word has the meaning of small shop or restaurant, people are often use the word in formal way.

However, the word can be said as small show or restaurant in formal way. Therefore if people want to speak warung in formal way, they will say the meaning of the word.

In Bali, warung are often spoken by Balinese people. If there is a new visitor to Bali for the first time, the visitors will be introduced to some warung in Bali who serves traditional cuisine of Bali.

A guide of Bali may introduce warung to new comer or foreigner in order to feel the atmosphere of Bali and also to learn how to speak Balinese, especially warung word.

Example of usage

Indonesian words Balinese English
Pergi ke warung Lunga ke warung I want to go to a small shop
Beli masuk ke warung Beli ngeranjing ke warung Beli enters the small shops
Warung-warung di Bali bagus Warung-warung di Bali becik The small shops and restaurants in Bali are great
A: Mau pergi kemana?

B: Mau ke warung, membeli makanan.

A: Jagi lunga kija?

B: Lunga ke warung, meli dadaaran

A: Where are you going?

B: I want to go to small restaurant to buy some food

Makan di warung Bali harganya murah Daar di warung Bali, aji mudah Eating in Bali’s small restaurant is cheap
Warung Bali menjual makanan tradisional Warung Bali adep dadaaran tradisional The small restaurant in Bali serves the traditional food
Ayah senang makan di warung Bapa egar daar di warung My father likes to eat in small restaurant

These are the explanation and some examples of what does warung mean in Bali. Warung represents as the place for the traditional cuisine or people of Bali. It is good to learn Balinese by visiting some warung in Bali.

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