Which Indonesian Newspaper Has the Highest Quality of Standard Indonesian?

Newspaper is still one of the trusted press to be read by people all around the world.

The existence of newspaper is very important in order to report or inform people about what happen in a region, district, province, country even the world itself. The newspaper is published in the morning or even in the afternoon so that it can help people to get the information by day and night.

All countries must have its own newspaper with the same written language where the newspaper is published. Indonesia has also lots of newspapers choices, even in each provinces in each tribes’ language or Indonesian language to be written in the newspaper.

People of Indonesia must read the newspaper in Indonesian language in order to get the update information from all around the world. Therefore, which Indonesian newspaper has the highest quality of standard Indonesian language?

Standard Indonesian Language for Indonesian Newspapers

According to the Indonesian Law Number 24, Year 2009 which elaborate about the law of the Flag, Language, State Symbol, and National Anthem, in the article 29 subsection 1 mentions that “Indonesian language is mandatory be applied for information in mass media.”

Because there is a law to manage the usage of Indonesian language, all the mass media, including the printed media, such as newspapers must apply official writing Indonesian language.

The official writing Indonesian language has to apply the standard of Indonesian language including how to apply good grammar, choices of words, good spellings, choices of sentences, how to use good paragraph, and reasoning of the sentences on the newspapers.

The newspapers which want to apply the standard Indonesian language must have good reporters who are in charge in writing the information. The editorial team must also have good editors.

The editors are very important to filter the good quality of the news and the language inside the newspapers. The newspapers are not only the thing which contain the information, but also are contain the good Indonesian language. Therefore, people who read the newspapers or papers can earn the standard Indonesian language.

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Indonesian Newspapers which Have Standard Indonesian Language

After knowing about how to apply and how important standard Indonesian language which is applied in the mass media, the government or some institutions which concern on the Indonesian languages make some award events. The institutions choose the newspapers which apply good standard of Indonesian language and are recommended to be read by people.

According to the award which is presented by Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Badan Bahasa (The Cultivation and Development of Indonesian Language Council) Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Education Affair here are the examples of Indonesian Newspapers in 2018 which apply the good standard of Indonesian language.

  1. Media Indonesia

Media Indonesia is the national daily newspaper which is based in Jakarta. The media group was found in 1970 and this newspaper is the second largest newspaper.

The newspaper applies the Indonesian language as the main language. The newspaper contains all information including the entertainment, such as short story, the television schedule and/or movie schedule. 

  1. Republika

The newspaper was found in 1992. Republika’s office is based in Jakarta. As the daily newspaper, Republika is also the newspaper for Muslim publication’s community, especially for Indonesia as the largest Muslim population country.

Alike other newspapers, Republika also provides all information from domestic and International news, especially the news which has the correlation with Islam.

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  1. Bisnis Indonesia

Bisnis Indonesia was found in 1985. The newspaper tells much the information about business and financial issues. Bisnis Indonesia is also published as daily newspaper.

Even though the newspaper tells much the business and financial issues, the newspaper also provides the information about other issues, such as sport, politic and/or lifestyle issues.

The famous newspapers such as Tempo and Kompas, as the committed newspaper which apply the good quality of Indonesian language, got the highest appreciation from the same government council.

Those are the information about standard Indonesian language and Indonesian newspaper which has the highest quality of Standard Indonesian language.

Have you read one of them? Have you learnt much about Indonesian language from them?