How Do Indonesians Pronounce to ‘wkwkwk?’

Slang words are often found in every languages from countries around the world. The slang words relate to any type of informal language, for example onomatopoeia which usually speak or write to introduce an example of a sound.

According to Oxford online dictionary, onomatopoeia is the fact of words containing sounds similar to the noises the people describe. The example is like ‘hahaha’ to describe the person’s laughter.

Indonesian language has also lots of different onomatopoeia. The onomatopoeia can be as same as English onomatopoeia. The onomatopoeia is known as onomatope in Indonesian language which has the meaning of the word of sound copy from a thing, a person’s behavior or an animal sound.

As English has the ‘hahaha’ for describing someone’s laughter, in Indonesian language, it is known or described as ‘wkwkwk’ when people send a chat or written message. But, how do Indonesians pronounce to ‘wkwkwk’, as English pronounce ‘hahaha’ for describing someone’s laughter?

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The Meaning of ‘wkwkwk’ in Indonesian Language

The general meaning of wkwkwk is to describe someone’s laughter other than the onomatopoeia of ‘hahaha.’

The fact is the meaning of ‘wkwkwk’ which is usually written in an online message or in a chat is w from the word gue (English: I) in Indonesian language, and k is from the word ketawa or (English: laugh) in Indonesian language.

Wkwkwk (Indonesian language): gue (w) ketawa (k) > wkwkwk

Wkwkwk = LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

The Pronunciation of ‘wkwkwk’

The onomatopoeia of ‘wkwkwk’ makes some people wonder of how to pronounce it. The pronunciation of this onomatopoeia is like when a person is laughing out loud.

The word ‘wkwkwk’ will be used in a chat for showing that the person or the people at the chat are having the funny situation of someone or something.

( Wkwkwk = Hahaha = Huahaha = LOL )

The Use of ‘wkwkwk’

Wkwkwk as the onomatopoeia is often used as the slang writing Indonesian language in a chat or in a short message application. This word for the first time is also known and discovered in a game online chat. The gamers was used to use ‘hahaha,’ but Indonesian gamers found the onomatopoeia of ‘wkwkwk’ was more easily to type on the chat template.

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After it was found often in a chat template for gamers, ‘wkwkwk’ is often found in an online chat application as well. ‘Wkwkwk’ become famous because it describes much about a person when he or she is laughing on someone’s joke or something funny. Nowadays, ‘wkwkwk’ are known as the slang writing words or the onomatopoeia from Indonesian language.

Those are the information on how do Indonesians pronounce to ‘wkwkwk’ and what is the meaning behind it. Thus, what is the onomatopoeia which is famous in your country or region for describing someone’s laughter?