Why Did the Europeans Come to Indonesia? History Revealed

Indonesia has long history of colonialism by European, including Dutch, Portuguese, Spain, France, England, and one from Asia, Japan. Why Indonesia became interesting for them? Why did the Europeans come to Indonesia in the first place?

As we know, we were told that the Europeans, came to Asia because of three factors, gold, gospel, and glory (known also as 3G). They also came to Indonesia for these reasons. They want to trade spices and get profit from it (gold), they want to spread Catholicism (gospel), and they also want to seek glory by the success of coming to Indonesia and take control of it. Read explanation below to know more about why did the Europeans come to Indonesia.

The Europeans Wanted to Profit From Spice Trade

During the 16th century, the spice trade powered the global economy. It was as profitable as crude oil as today. Spices that came from several areas in Indonesia had fabulously high price in Europe.

Europeans explorer such as Christoper Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Samuel de Champlain, and Henry Hudson search for Indonesian spices by following routes to Spice Island in Indonesia. 

The Europeans wanted to profit from spice trade, so they came to Indonesia to find spices from the source. There were often multiple colonizers present in Indonesia but on different islands. Some of them even force Indonesian people to gave them spices for free and even force them to plant certain spices.

The Europeans Wanted to Spread Catholicism

Besides, to search for spices, the Europeans also came to Indonesia with other purpose to spread Catholicism. Europe was once home to most of the world population of Catholics.

Later on, the percentage number will dropped. However, at that time, Europeans that came to Indonesia came with holy mission to spread Catholicism while interacting and trading with Indonesian people.

The Europeans Seek Glory by Coming to Indonesia

The other purpose of Europeans coming to Indonesia was they came to Indonesia to seek glory. They want to be superior and has power by ruling a country with abundant of natural resources such as Indonesia.

They want to spread their territory by ruling Indonesia. If they reach success by coming to Indonesia and bring spices to Europe, they will also feel the glory and receive praise from the people as spice was very valuable at that time.

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