Easiest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner: The Last Step

Hi, I’m back again! I know, it’s fast, doing the third step might takes a lot of time, keep moving. I’m gonna explain about the last step! Finally! Yes! It’s just 4 steps! It’s easy, right? And, for the last step, it may sounds crazy, but it’s a fun challenge too. Why? Just pack all your stuff first, take some your money with you, you need to survive.

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So, the last step is~

Travel to Indonesia or Have Some Night at Your Indonesian Friend’s Place Near You

Travel is an exciting thing, right?! Especially when you do it overseas, not just around your country. You can learn many new things. After finding some close Indonesian friend, you might want to explore Indonesia more with them. I mean, it can improve your language more.

And you know? It can make your journey easier. You will need a cheaper budget. You can stay in your friend’s house, even stay with their family. Or, maybe if you just find it near your place. It’s okay, you can go to their house or even spend some night there (if you’re really close! LOL!). when you’re travelling to Indonesia, there are some ‘strange’ vocabularies you need to know, like:

  • Warung : It’s actually a kind of food seller with a small place, or maybe the use cart.
  • Guling : A name of long pillow
  • Gayung : Indonesian use it for take a bath, they take water with it, then pour it all over their body
  • Jajan : It can be “buy something” or snacks
  • Gabut : Don’t know what to do a. k. a boring
  • Baper : Take everything too serious, then get angry easily
  • Mager : Too lazy to do anything
  • Kebut : Do anything faster
  • Mepet : A small gap between two things 

See? Don’t feel awkward. If you see something like this, don’t hesitate to ask someone. they’re friendly, eventhough they will so strange, “looking can speak bahasa Indonesia” bule.

And, in Indonesia they use to serve you with a lot of snack or even ask you to join dinner or lunch together, it’s okay just go with them. That’s the way they treat their guest. They will be feel appreciated if you join them too. don’t get shocked if you have tried to reject it, but then they offer you again. They will ask it for many times until you say “yes” to it.

There are so many things that you’ll probably get shocked at, but it’s normal, that’s why it called “cultural shock”. And, they usually wake up very early in the morning, you may want to wake up early too. cause, it’s awkward if you just get up while the others are ready for their day. Thus, that’s the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for beginner fast and fun. Selamat Belajar!