Fastest Way to Learn Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners: The Third Step

Okay, today~ we’re gonna talk about the third step of the easiest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I hope you have tried to do the first, and the second steps. On this third step you’re gonna practice a lot, why? Before, you better install some global social media apps. Because you’re gonna need them.

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I suggest you to install Whatsapp and Line. Most of Indonesian people use them. Or you can even install Kakaotalk if you want, if you use it it’s gonna make it easier, but not much Indonesian use Kakaotalk. So, let’s learn about the fastest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners!

Find Indonesian Friend From Social Media

If you use Whatsapp, you just try to find random people on it. There is Whatsapp friend finder app, you can install it. And, if you wanna try to use Kakaotalk, there is a website that you can use to write your ID a. k. a promoting yourself, or you can try to find some Indonesian there. Just be friendly.

  • Example of promoting yourself in website

“Hi XD, My name is Fia. I’m from New Zealand. I hope I can find some friends, especially from Indonesia. This is my ID: KJHJK12 (or you can submit your number). Feel free to chat me XOXO”

And, if you already got some of them, talk to them. Or if you already found some ID or number, just chat them. Most of Indonesian like to chat with “Bule”, they’re friendly. They won’t laugh, even if you do the wrong grammar. But, don’t be pervert! And, just use informal way to talk with them. It will be awkward if you use formal way, they’re not getting used with it. So, just let it flow. For, example:

  • Hallo, siang kakak. Aku Fia dari New Zealand. Aku dapat ID kamu dari website. Salam kenal XD

(Hallo, good afternoon sister/brother. I’m from New Zealand. I got your ID from website. Nice to know you XD)

  • Hi, aku Fia dari New Zealand. Aku harap kita bisa berteman dengan baik. Salam kenal.

(Hi, I’m Fia from New Zealand. I hope we can be good friends. Nice to know you)

Start with light conversation. They can be your close friend easily. And if you’re already close with them, you can start to do phone call or even video call. Why? Because when you’re done with you writing practice by texting with them, you need to start to practice your pronunciation by talking with them.

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But before, you need to ask them whether you can call them at that time or not. It’s not polite if you call them suddenly. And, at the end of the conversation you may want to ask about your pronunciation. They will give a comment for sure, and correct your pronunciation if there’s something wrong with it. Indeed, that’s all about the fastest way to learn Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners.