12 Important Benefits of Studying Indonesian for Foreign

Indonesia is one of unique nation in the world. Besides as an archipelago country, it also consist of multi ethnics. Even so there are many ethnics and local languages,  there is a national language, it is called Bahasa Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia is originated from Malay languange with many transformation and adaption, so there are some words have similar meaning and the other might have different meaning.

For some people who eager to study outher language beside their own mother tongue language, Bahasa Indonesia can be in the list.

There are some benefit of studying Indonesian

Here all of the benefit of studying Indonesian for sure:

1. Indonesia As Potential Market for Branding and Selling

Indonesia population reached 240 million and every body in business world realize that it is a massive emerging market. Moreover nowadays people are equipped with information technology tools like smartphone and other update gadgets, makes Indonesia as potential market for branding and selling. Also read about Why You Should Learn Indonesian

In term of social media, it is a good opportunity to market through online. So studying its language opens the chance to share information and approach the market target with smooth way.

2. Indonesia is Well-Known As One of Tourist Destination

Beautiful scenery and magical spots can be reached. Indonesia is well known as one of tourist destination. There are lots of great beaches can be explore since most of area are sea. The most popular spot is Bali. But actually there so many other places should be visited, like Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara, Kei Island in Maluku, Raja Ampat in Papua and Mentawai Island in West Sumatera. Also learn about Indonesian Words for Tourists

Not to mention other attractive places like Borobudur temple, Boko temple in Central Java,  Great Botanical Garden in West Java and also mount Bromo in East Java. By speaking and understanding Indonesian language, it would be helpful for foreigners to get there, in term of to know the fare of transportation for example and also another accommodation like hotel rates. Because some of Indonesian don’t speak English.

3. Indonesian is Easy to Learn 

Is Indonesia an Easy Language to Learn? If you are enthusiast learning languages, Bahasa Indonesia can be one of your learning goal. Bahasa Indonesia is easy way to learn.

First, the alphabet are written in Latin, if your mother tongue using Latin letters which is most of language using it, it is easier compare with other language such as Japanese or Chinese. It is also easy in term of pronunciation, which the way we read the word is quite the same as the letter sound itself. 

4. Big potential in Term of Business

As mentioned before that Indonesia is a big potential in term of business, if you are capable speak and understand Indonesian then you add bahasa Indonesia competency on your professional portfolio, it can be your advantages.

Some of big companies  that sell consumer good like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, And Ikea might look your competency as one of good skill. Because you can learn the local sosiology and anthroplogy of society. Here are more about Benefits of Learning Bahasa Indonesia

5. ASEAN Role 

Indonesia is one of South East Asia Nation (ASEAN) country that active in diplomatic role. In term of maintain peace and cooperation among ASEAN countries, Indonesia is taking part in diplomatic activities. If you are working as government staff and being placed in Indonesia, it will be a benefit if you are able to speak and understand Indonesian. You may also learn about Why Indonesian Language is Important

You will be convenient mingle with Indonesia delegation and easy to explore about Indonesia potencial when recommend policies for collaboration with your government. 

More Benefits of Studying Indonesian Language and Culture 

Here all of the benefit of studying Indonesian that you need to know:

  1. Indonesian are friendly
  2. Indonesia has beautiful culture to learn too
  3. There are many things that you wouldn’t find in your own country
  4. The people are so beautiful too
  5. You will learn more than just a language, but love, care, and magical things
  6. You will find heaven in every corner of the city
  7. You will be happy

Thus, there are many benefits of studying Indonesian language, as well as you study any other second language. So, selamat belajar!